Do You Want to Marketing On Instagram?

Do You want a successful strategy?

If Yes You should follow my Instructions…

Let’s start.

Step: 1

First You have to know what is Instagram?

Instagram is a special mobile app and it works on the web with some restrictions

Instagram works on the Hashtags keywords.

Hashtag Keywords?

eg. #actress #truck #shoppinmall

Now You have the idea about hashtags…

Why Instagram Marketing?

Instagram doesn’t have any particular algorithm to hide ads like Facebook and other social media platform.

Step: 2a

let’s decide what is your marketing concept and what product you want to market…

First get clarity about your product and relevant possibilities

Do You want to more explanation?

eg. if you want to market a sports shoe products, then what is sports shoe? and where it is used? what other relevant products and audience?

Just think once

shall I say?

jogging, walking running, best shoe, best shoe shops, brand shoe, less price shoe, old people shoes, and bla bla blah etc all these things are relevant things.

now you got clear about relevant things?

Just what other things surrounding of your product.

Step: 3

Ok now create Instagram account…

I think You can create the account with the help of the google or internet.

Now update profile with keywords like hashtag words,

eg. #sportshoe #bestshoes #superflexiblebrand.

Just think You type combination multiple words without space between the words…

That is hashtag words format.

How many hashtags can be created?

Instagram supports up to 30 hashtag keywords.

What is necessary for hashtags?

if people search the hashtags or some phrase keyword of your collection, they will redirect to your post or profile,

do you get it?

that means you are attracting people to your content of posts then they will see your content so this way you can marketing your product to more people

But you have no clear idea about curation of posts? don’t worry I will give clarity!!

create a post by uploading a picture and video then write the caption

What you write in caption?

Post an information about your post or enter a URL and give space and enter hashtag keywords with spaces.

for example :https://seotpoint.com #actressimages #actressupdates #socialmedia #onlinemarketing

Now caption(main part is over)

and add location and tag people(just name the who is in photo and etc)

if you want you can enable the share to options

social media like facebook and twitter Tumblr

then share.

Finally tips for hashtags and strategy?

add less than 30 and more than 20 hashtags for each post because more hashtags create more chances to search visibility of your content.

research the hashtags what people generally search

I think you got doubt ?

ok, people search one word and two words hashtags frequently a combination of three words are less possibility

so curate your hashtags with 1 or 2 words combinations and should be relevant to your product.

then another tip: put hashtags in post comments also and your website link or info and something what you have,,,,

Luckily Posts comments are editable so, you can edit the hashtags in comment section later and add new hashtags and info of your websites. and share in social media.

Now You got the technical Process of Instagram Marketing.

this is no need to know for Instagram marketing but For Business purpose personal profile to business profile switching is available on Instagram, later we will discuss it.

you should be updated with new features.

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