What is Seo?

Seo is abbreviated as Search Engine Optimization.

Why Need Seo?

Every Website Needs Seo to get quality organic visitors to the website.

Page Rank?

Seo improves the search rank of a web page in search results when people entered the keywords in a search engine. The website related page displays to the user in the top place of the search results.

How to Seo? how many ways to do seo?

Seo has a standard process for every website, but every seo analyst should use strategy according to the website.

Generally, two types of SEO techniques are seo analysts preferred. Those are

1)White Hat SEO (Genuine Way and safe)

2)Black Hat SEO (Fake and harness to the website rank)

What is SERP?

SERP stands for Search Engine Results Pages(SERP).

formally we can say that the result of website order when we searched some keyword in the google or bing or yahoo etc.

If the website appears at a good place from the top, then the user clicks and visit the website.

so Seo is the improvement of the website order in search results of a search engine.

White Hat:

This is a good way and approved by SEO guidelines. The Seo Guideline are set by search engines like google and yahoo and bing. By White hat SEO,

The website can achieve the increase genuine and daily repeated visitors. It involved in the good and clear and quality content of a website only. So the visitor comes again and again, so the page rank of a website increases automatically.

Black Hat Seo:

The Black hat SEO is the process to cheat search engines, by using this the SEO analysts will submit fake content to the search engine crawlers or indexing. The search engines can able to verify the data later only due to a large amount of database, if the search engines didn’t find that content the search engines will automatically delete from their search results, this is also called as de-indexing.

it reduces the page rank,

So, even genuine SEO’s are also facing this problem, including me too.

every website updates with content whether its any form like graphics, text, audio, video etc.

but mind that text content is the heart of SEO. Generally outdated content has to be removed, then it causes the de-index, so take care when you are creating and indexing into search engines. Prefer long lifetime content.

How To White Hat Seo?

1)Use good title according to website and meta tags and keywords.

The Html Meta tags stores the information for search engines like google bot and crawlers etc.

in the meta tag enter correct keywords(prefer high searching keywords by users) and title name(prefer long title). The Search engine crawlers or google bot.

1)Quality and Unique Content:

Maintain quality and perfect language without grammar mistakes,

How to maintain quality content?

1)Without grammar mistakes

2)well-fetched content, should be relative to your website agenda!

3)Don’t Copy from other websites.

4)Think and research and then frame the content(unique content).

5)Use keywords in your content, as possible much,

6)Don’t use any black hat method for keywords like paste the keywords, Just write gently a story by using keywords very wisely, it should look like general information.

The professional content writer can be written like this and with some knowledge, normal persons are also can be written.

it helps the improvement of human visitors because the visitor gets the right website for him.

Navigation and Links :

provide user-friendly navigation, and provide all working links, otherwise, the user will be disappointed, and leaves the website.

Website speed performance :

Site performance is the big thing for SEO because Different countries and different places and different internet features,

So, maintain the website loading speed is fair, this is called website optimization.

For this remove the unnecessary data, including js, CSS, text and other everything which doesn’t need. Reduces the images sizes by compress and change the format to png.

Quality backlinks :

Backlinking is the SEO technique to improve the page rank, choose the related websites for backlinks(target your competitor).

Don’t create a backlink in adult and abused websites and irrelative websites otherwise search engines terminates the website, the re-indexing is the time waste process, and also check domain authority before backlinking, Its the good way for SEO 2017.

How to Black Hat SEO?

1) Cloaking:

Cloaking is the fake content submission to search engine. The Website is related to marketing but the website is indexed also as a cooking information. if a user searches the chicken recipe as a keyword by a search engine, then your website will appear the visitor but your website doesn’t have that information, so the visitor disappoints and leaves the website its called the cloaking.

2)Hidden content:

in previous days other technique is also used that is, hidden the content by HTML and CSS property “visibility: hidden” the website have unrelated content but visitor not able to see that content, but the search engines crawl the hidden content and got indexed. so when the keywords entered by the visitors through search engines your website will appear, this the misguidance to the search engines. it reduces the page rank.

3) Inserting Keywords:

Here we have to discuss the keyword density :

what is keyword density: The sum of occurrences of keywords in a web page is called the keyword density. the keywords will identify the crawlers and store them by indexing.it improves the SEO page rank.

if a page all of the keywords without a proper article, for the user and everyone this is useless, so this is the fake content and cheating the search engines,

4) Repeated Article :

A blog contained 10 articles but the 10 articles are same as it is, then what use?

In black hat SEO the writer doesn’t spend much time and effort, so he writes one article and pastes it to all the blog pages and posts, the website is full of content but same content, this is called article spinning.

if we writing an article means it has something different previously you have, then only write an article, like black hat SEO, don’t spin the article.

copycat seo:

Copy cat seo is nothing but he simply copies from others website and builds a website with that content. The google or bing or yahoo search engines are already crawling the data, so simply they can track the content rights, this black hat technique reduces the page rank of a website.

5)Doorway web pages :

outbound links to the websites are known as doorway pages. In black hat SEO an article contains some data and great or rich keywords but in the website not much information, they provide a link simply to other’s website.

So should follow the SEO standards for outbound links. Just provide necessary links only, don’t focus only links and keywords, Search engines simply track the doorway pages. it reduces the page rank of a website.

Search Engine Working?

Crawling :

Crawling is a program that developed by search engines like google and bing and Yahoo, Google is the most famous one.

This program is named as a spiders or crawlers. The spider tool will visit the website and read all the content including links images (alt attributes), text etc. The crawlers create a duplicate copy of a website and send it for indexing.

if once submitted the URL to the search console or search engines the crawlers will crawl the website monthly for updates if daily updating the crawlers visits daily, but for this, you have to manually submit to the search engines to index daily for a week or more, then the crawler will visit daily.

Indexing :

The spider or crawlers crawled the content of a web page and create a duplicate page with the same URL on your website, and get the index, if indexed then it will ready for to appear search results of search engines.

Retrieval :

The page rank factor plays the key role in this stage, when the user searches the keyword, then search engines allocate some order in search results, for this search engines will use the content crawled by crawlers or spiders and index and its own created algorithm.

Google Algorithm:

Algorithm is the set of instructions to maintain her work. So google frequently updates the algorithm,

The Google algorithm is the guide for crawlers and indexing and mainly page rank etc, all things done by Google as per google algorithm standards.

The main aim is to provide the clean and genuine and unique content to the user.

Keyword Search Analysis :

Keywords are inserting into the website is good practice for SEO. But You have to choose exact keywords for your website, it helps to appear website first place in search results.

How to find correct keywords for a website?

They are many tools are available to analyze the keywords, if enter the focus keyword in that tool, then it suggests more relative keywords. We can Select as per platform wise, like youtube, google, Instagram for every platform has some specific keywords, so the keywords can get from the tool by platform wise also.

What do you do before keyword choosing?

first, see your content, then you can judge which is the right keyword.

Then search with that keywords in google and bing, then some websites will be available in search results, those are similar to your websites, so note down them.

and in the search engines, some keywords are have more traffic so select from that list some keywords for a website.

Those are more searching keywords by users, so place on your website.

Try with paid campaigns like bing AdCenter and Google AdWords etc. it helps you to find your keyword importance.

Other Backlinks :

Find your competitor and visit their websites and get backlinking by using tools.You can get from Amazon Alexa also for paid. Find their popular bookmarking sites and social marketing sites like youtube Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram facebook etc.

MInd these factors for keyword analysis :

1)Location Based keywords:

Local search is the best SEO part, so add place and landmark to your keywords like kolkata hotel, Delhi ramhostel.

it gives the best result in local search results.

2)Trending Keywords :

Trending keywords are the best practice for daily SEO purpose, get google trends keywords and place in your content and index them. It sends more users to the website.

3)Long tail keywords:

it means long keywords like the combination of 3 to 5 words, like mobile service centers in Newyork. and long keywords provides to create less competitive keywords and some uniqueness also.

4)Latent Semantic Indexing:

Prepare some keywords with relative word phrases like mobile shop, mobile warranty, best mobiles etc.

Keyword tools :

On-Page Seo :

On-page Seo is dealt with own website factors only.

1)Title :

The title is the main thing of a web page.

Factors to be considered for a title is

a) Length:

Select as a much longer title for a web page, the long title much convey the information, and use keywords way in title creation.

b)Keyword using:

Using keywords in the title its good for SEO.

c)Keyword separation:

In page title, you must have targeted keyword. And you must format it as separate the focused keyword by pipeline character.

d)Different titles:

By placing different keywords in a title and use different titles for more scope to insert various keywords.

e) Target keyword:

select a single word or two only for targeted keyword try to use the single word. Keep mind doesn’t insert like the, on like common words.

f) Website name or organization name: if your website or organization is popular then only use the place the name of website or organization as a keyword.

2)Meta Description:

Meta description is the explanation of your website theme,i.e what is relevant to a website.

Placing keywords:

place different keywords in the meta description.


It must be common information paragraph, not like artificial keywords only.

Various keywords:

use various keywords and length should be more than 150 characters.

3)Meta Keywords:

Meta keywords are crawls by search engine spiders and crawlers.So place various keywords in the meta keywords tag.


the page content heading is should be one i.e h1 tag all another subheading should be wrapped by h2 tag only, the crawlers analyses the h1 and h2 tags.


select readability and eye-catching domain name with .com, so users can easily remind the website, try to some keyword relative domain name.

6)Canonical Tag:

It represents the repetition content in the same web page, so the crawlers simply identify the duplicate canonical tag instructions. So it avoids the duplicate content issues.

it uses for the same content on different URLs like other urls have the same content if we use canonical tag then no duplication issues. by link tag, canonical tag can place.

3)Meta tags:

Meta tags are invisible to users and describe the information and other SEO major part and they can be placed in the header tag.

They are mainly title tag, meta keywords tag, meta description tag.

4)miscellaneous meta tags:

These are the other SEO part instructions to the google bots and other web page information about author software version viewport etc.

* Open Graph Tags : 

The facebook introduced the tags those, like these types facebook can recognise and it helps in social media.

SEO Images:

Provide alt text for images with space replaced by the dash or underscore symbol, the crawlers crawl the alt tags and it’s visible on the website when fail to load the image to the user.

Internal links:

provide internal links in your articles or content, all content cannot be covered in a single article, so navigate them by providing hyperlinks in your article.

and use HTML rel =”no-follow” tag. and it simplifies the user navigation.

Hidden text:

Hidden text is black hat SEO, By inserting irrelative content to a website and hiding from user and cheating search engines is the bad practice so avoid this.

off-page SEO :

Off-page optimization deals with other websites.

it helps to improve the SEO search results. By linking other popular websites and social media it helps to increase your website domain authority.

Page rank:

Page rank is invented by Google, the link to authority domains helps to fair place in search engine results. By building quality backlinks improve the page rank.

It follows by google algorithm to categorize the websites.

Social bookmarking :

Linking in Social bookmarking and web directories: share website in social media and submit to popular web directories. It helps in

Improving the page rank.

increases the traffic from links.

improvement in the brand value of your website.


Blogging is the biggest factor of seo in these days. Blogging for a website is compulsory and daily. So write frequently blogs on relevant to your website and choose topics wisely. It drives the traffic from daily visitors and search engines store your data with keywords. So submit on daily basis.

provide faqs and discussions on topics it improves the mouth talk of users so free marketing to others easily.

Other website bloggers are also visible your blog they provide a link to their blogs.

Promote blog articles on other bookmarking websites and directories, it improves the traffic and way to backlink building.

Reciprocal links:

Links etching is reciprocal linking, it involves in the mutual understanding to individual website holders, they allow to placing the link in each other.

Forum Seo:

Join and discussions, answering the questions on different forum groups is the best part. By this way you can share your website with others and able to place a link on those forums also,

some of them are

quora, yahoo answers, Google products, my lot etc.

Search engine indexing:

after all things, we can manually submit website sitemaps and direct page or post URLs to the search engines. Index as a google option in search consoles uses for direct URL submission.

Like this way do for yahoo, bing, ask.com also.

RSS feeds:

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary. RSS feed captures and holds a website data, It fastly captures when the website updated. So professional other interested guys subscribe to RSS feeds, Some other RSS feed directories are also available for manual submission.

Features of RSS feeds:

The interested and subscribed users will get updates quickly and the engagement with blog increases.So you have to update daily the website.

The Backlinking feature is automatically applied by this way and free promotion of your content.

Press releases submission:

Unfortunately this is mostly paid service, you have to pay for article submission and link provision. Some popular Web sites are also provided this feature also.

This is the very tempting and a requirement for popular blog (website) owners.