1.7 billion TL investment from Re-Pie Portfolio in 2022

Fund management company Re-Pie announced that its total investments exceeded TL 1.7 billion in 2022.

Re-Pie announced that its total investments exceeded TL 1.7 billion in 2022 with more than 40 processes in areas such as fintech, games, technology, health and real estate.

Re-Pie noted that he made his biggest investment in Modanisa with an investment of 15 million dollars, and stated that he invested a total of 63.2 million dollars last year with 43 venture capital investment processes.

The company’s portfolio size increased by 146 percent in 2022, exceeding TL 16 billion, with approximately 62 percent of its investments in venture capital and 29 percent in real estate. The other 2 percent is made up of private portfolio management and securities funds.

The company, which has 18 real estate and 25 venture capital investment funds, 2 security mutual funds and a Galatasaray Pension fund, which it manages together with Fiba Emeklilik, agreed with Webrazzi to establish Enterprise Capital Mutual Funds in 2022.

Co-Founder of Re-Pie Portfolio Management and Leader of the Governing Council Dr. Emre Çamlıbel said, “We spent the year 2022 very productive both in terms of new investments in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the establishment of new venture capital and real estate investment funds. We want to lead the emergence of new unicorns and decacorns from our country,” he said.