146 percent increase in public investments

In 2023, public investments were increased more than twice the rate of inflation. Public investment, which was 184.3 billion liras last year, increased by more than 146 percent to 454 billion liras. The highest investment appropriation from the institutions within the scope of the Central Administration Budget…

The Presidential Decision on the Adoption and Implementation of the 2023 Investment Program was published in the repeated issue of the Official Gazette.

Public investment, which was 184.3 billion liras last year, increased by 146.4 percent compared to the previous year and reached 454 billion liras. The scale of transportation-communication will continue in the investment, followed by mining and education.

The program included investment projects of institutions within the scope of the central government budget, SEEs, those under privatization, revolving funds and social security institutions. Projects of local governments financed only by foreign loans were included in the program.

The Investment Program for the Year 2023 was prepared in line with the main policies in the 11th Development Plan, the Medium Term Program for the 2023-2025 Period and the purposes envisaged in the Presidential Annual Program for the Year 2023.

In the Investment Program, public investments for priority sections in the 11th Development Plan came to the fore.

In project-based appropriation proposals and allocations, priority was given to projects that could be completed as soon as possible, from ongoing projects to projects that could be completed as soon as possible, and to investments that had the highest economic and social contribution and could meet the need for emergency services by being selective in new projects.

454.2 billion TL appropriation for the projects included in the program

In 2023, a total of 454.2 billion TL was allocated to 10 thousand 915 projects, including 3,546 main projects to be carried out by public institutions.

The total price of the projects to be carried out by public institutions in the 2023 Investment Program was approximately TL 4.1 trillion. While the investments envisaged by 5 thousand 86 projects were completed in 2022, 3 thousand 607 new projects were included in the 2023 Investment Program. Of these projects, 978 were perennial and 2,629 were single-year projects.

It is planned that 62.2 percent of the investments within the scope of the program will be realized by institutions within the scope of the Central Administration Budget, 36 percent by SEEs and organizations within the scope of privatization, and 1.8 percent by organizations with revolving funds and social security institutions.

The highest share belongs to transportation and communication and mining.

It was seen that the highest share of the investment allowance within the scope of the 2023 Investment Program was taken by the investments in the field of transportation and communication with 26.8 percent. The share of mining investments was 17.4 percent, the share of education investments was 13.5 percent, the share of power investments was 9.8 percent, the share of agricultural investments was 9.6 percent and the share of health investments was 8.6 percent.

The total share of other branches such as manufacturing, tourism, housing, drinking water and sewerage, technological research and environment was calculated as 14.3 percent.

Among the institutions within the scope of the Central Administration Budget, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure with 45.2 billion liras, the Ministry of National Education with 39.4 billion liras, the General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works with 37.7 billion liras, and the Highways with 37.7 billion liras. Its General Directorate became the Ministry of Health with 32.7 billion liras.

TPAO bought 76.6 billion lira shares

Organizations to which the most appropriations were allocated in SEEs were TPAO General Directorate with 76.6 billion liras, TCDD General Directorate with 28.3 billion liras, TEİAŞ General Directorate with 17.1 billion liras and BOTAŞ General Directorate with 14.3 billion liras. sorted.

Among the investments of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, urban transportation came to the fore with projects such as Gayrettepe-Istanbul New Airport, AKM-Gar-Kızılay, Başakşehir-Kayaşehir and Halkalı-Istanbul New Airport metro lines. In addition, within the framework of transportation investments, necessary funds were allocated for the Kayseri Airport Terminal Building and Apron Construction and Malatya Airport New Terminal Building and Supplementary Facilities Construction projects.

Allocation of appropriation for Black Sea natural gas

While a remarkable increase in appropriations was achieved in the energy and mining sectors in 2023, valuable developments are expected on the basis of projects.

In this context, work continues on the Sakarya Natural Gas Field Development Project, which is carried out with the aim of making the 710 billion cubic meters of natural gas discovered in the Black Sea first available to the public in 2023. 55.4 billion liras was allocated to the project. An appropriation of approximately 5.2 billion liras was allocated for the works in the Northern Marmara and Tuz Gölü Natural Gas Storage projects, which are of critical importance in terms of Turkey’s natural gas supply security.

Allowance for dealing with agricultural irrigation and forest fires

While a total of 43.6 billion lira appropriation was allocated to the agricultural sector with an increase of 134 percent in 2023, a total of 37.7 billion lira appropriation was envisaged for DSI’s ongoing investments in 2023 with an increase of 105 percent.

With an appropriation of 22.1 billion liras allocated for agricultural irrigation investments, approximately 191 thousand hectares of land are planned to be irrigated.

In addition, 6.5 billion liras were allocated for flood defense projects, while 4.3 billion liras were allocated to meet the increasing drinking water needs of settlements that have a municipal organization due to climate change and population growth.

The General Directorate of Forestry was given 1.2 billion liras in 2023 as part of the effort to deal with forest fires. In this context, 20 small fire tanker aircraft, 5 firefighting aircraft and 10 water-throwing helicopters of general intent will be purchased.

With the aim of minimizing the impact of climate change on forests, creating carbon sink areas in potential fire areas or burning areas, and carrying out studies for the establishment of fire resistant forests, the Climate Resistant Forestry Project of approximately 6.4 billion liras will be implemented.

Increasing access to pre-school education is also among the objectives.

In order to complete and implement the projects in the education department, 39.4 billion liras was allocated to the Ministry of National Education. In this context, it is planned to develop the personality and abilities of individuals, to ensure that all parts of the society have equal access to quality education, to train students with 21st century skills, to increase access to pre-school education and to support the professional development of teachers and school administrators.

4 billion liras were allocated for the “10,000 Schools in Secondary Education Project”, and 1 billion liras was allocated to the Village Life Centers Project, which was initiated to create safe educational environments, to develop human capital in harmony with the needs of the economy, and to increase the quality at all levels of education by supporting disadvantaged schools.

The appropriation allocated to health investments is 32.7 billion liras.

In order to further improve the progress made in the physical infrastructure, service access and service quality in the field of health and to reduce regional disparities, an appropriation of 32.7 billion liras is planned for the investment budget of the Ministry of Health in 2023.

In order to increase the activity in the branch of justice services, the investment allowance for 2023 was determined as 11.7 billion liras with an increase of 178 percent.

In order to create more investment places for investors and entrepreneurs, to increase production and employment, 3.2 billion liras was allocated for organized industrial zone projects carried out by the Ministry of Industry and Technology with an increase of 314 percent, and 1.5 billion liras was provided for small industrial site projects with an increase of 182 percent. .

In order to increase the R&D and innovation capacity of the country, an appropriation of 7.2 billion lira was made to TÜBİTAK R&D foundation programs and institutes with an increase of 121 percent in 2023.