360 million dollar new factory investment from Petlas

Petlas will take action for a new factory investment of 360 million dollars in 2023 and will increase its annual production capacity to 340,000 tons with this breakthrough. In addition, Petlas provides a total of 60 million sales for power, buildings, facilities and equipment, excluding the new factory.

Petlas General Manager Hakan Solu shared Petlas’ 2022 information, new investments and 2023 goals, gave information about new factory, power, facility and equipment investments and sustainability goals.

However, stating that Petlas closed 2022 with an increase in both domestic and exports as a result of its successful strategies, he said, “With the prestige of the end of 2022, Petlas achieved a revenue of 13 billion 369 million TL with an increase of 124 percent in terms of turnover. Our domestic sales are 135 percent, On the other hand, our overseas sales increased by 111 percent. While the share of our exports in turnover was 364 million dollars, we also increased our goal for 2023, our forecast for turnover in exports in the new period is 400 million dollars.” used the terms.

Pointing out that as Petlas, they are the manufacturer that exports tires to the most countries from Turkey, Yalnız said:

“We had systematic exports to 120 countries in 2022. 42 percent of our exports to Europe, 32 percent to Asia, 13 percent to North America, 6 percent to South America, 6 percent to Africa and Australia. If we talk about our export goal for 2023, we want to enter countries such as Mongolia, Myanmar, Gabon, Zambia, Botswana, which we have never sold in Asia and Africa before. South American countries such as Argentina, Chile, Brazil and North Africa such as Egypt, Algeria We aim to increase our market share and develop alternative markets in other countries as well.

We want to strengthen our presence in the field of freight and industrial road transport in these countries and increase our market in North African countries with segment diversity. We also aim to increase sales in the Turkic Republics, one of our valued markets. We will focus on defending our market share despite the recession in Germany, France and northern European countries, where we currently sell the most, where competition and technology are at a high level. Our primary goal of growth is in the direction of qualified growth in the USA, South America and European markets.”

It aims to invest 60 million dollars in 2023

Noting that Petlas made an investment of 47 million dollars in 2022, he said, “Since 2005, when Petlas was acquired by AKO Clume, we have invested 630 million dollars (an annual average of 37 million dollars) in 17 years. Last year alone, 47 million dollars was invested. We made an investment of $. We invested in test machines and new production machines related to the aircraft industry. We have an investment goal of 60 million dollars for this year. These investments include power, building, facility and equipment investments. The investment amount we foresee for power alone is 19 million dollars. ” used his words.

Hakan Solo also gave information about the High-Rise Smart Warehouse, which was implemented in 2022, and stated that they have taken a valuable step within the scope of expanding the production capacity with the High-Rise Smart Warehouse investment, which they commissioned with an investment of 20 million dollars.

Factory investment of 360 million dollars

Providing information about the new factory that Petlas will bring to life in Kırşehir, Söyle continued as follows:

“We foresee a total investment amount of 360 million dollars for our new factory. Petlas’ current annual production capacity is 240 thousand tons, and we aim to increase our annual production capacity to 340 thousand tons with an additional 100 thousand tons of new factory investment. We are working on this factory investment that will create employment for 1,850 individuals. We will start the construction of our factory, which will be equipped with new generation tire production technologies for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, in 2023 and complete it with the prestige of 2025 and 2026, making it the only roof of Europe. under We aim to defend our position as the largest tire factory. With these planned investments, we will maintain our position as the largest producer in our surrounding geography for many years.”