50 companies to follow in 2023 according to Bloomberg (11-20)

CATL Market cap: $128.3 billion CEO: Zeng Yuqun Claims 2023 revenue growth: 33 percent 12-month sales: $40.5 billion As the world’s largest battery manufacturer for electric vehicles, CATL’s profit margin could surprise positively in 2023 …..

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    Market price:$128.3 billion

    CEO:Zeng Yuqun

    Assumption of 2023 revenue growth:33 percent

    12 month sales:$40.5 billion

    As the world’s largest battery manufacturer for electric vehicles, CATL’s profit margin could surprise positively in 2023.

    While Bloomberg analysts draw attention to the expectation of higher battery prices, lower lithium costs and a sustainable recovery in electric vehicle sales, raw material costs are likely to decline as the year progresses.

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    CF Industries

    Market price:$20.2 billion

    CEO:W. Anthony Will

    2023 revenue growth forecast:– 14 percent

    12 month sales:$11.1 billion

    A protracted global gas supply crisis (used to produce nitrogen, which is essential to farmers) could give the US-based fertilizer producer a long-term increase in cash flow.

    CF’s access to low-cost US gas is expected to help its European and Asian counterparts earn higher margins than many.

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    China Gas

    Market price:$5.8 billion

    CEO:Liu Minghui

    Assumption of 2023 revenue growth:12 percent

    12 month sales:$11.3 billion

    Market assumptions for China Gas’ financial profit 2023-2024 focus on recovery in demand and growth in housing volumes.

    On the other hand, the market pays little attention to rising gas costs and the Chinese government’s delayed adjustment of urban gas tariffs due to rising inflation.

    Bloomberg analysts are focusing on a profit margin contraction that could reduce assumptions by a third.

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    Market price:$87.3 billion

    CEO:Evan Greenberg

    Assumption of 2023 revenue growth:7 percent

    12 month sales:$42.8 billion

    Bloomberg analysts think the position and expertise of Chubb, one of the world’s largest insurers, could be a source of profit this year.

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    Market price:$29.9 billion

    CEO:Brian Humphries

    Claims for 2023 revenue growth:4 percent

    12 month sales:$19.4 billion

    The IT services consultant’s 2023 sales growth risks falling short of the market expectation of 7 percent.

    The company is not as well positioned as its peers to capitalize on the structural growth opportunities of digital services and has the worst attrition in the branch.

    These factors may mean that Cognizant is more vulnerable to weakening macroeconomic trends.

    Bloomberg analysis shows a 10 percent risk in operating income and interest assumptions in 2023.

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    Market value:$11.2 billion

    CEO:Stuart Irving

    Assumption of 2023 revenue growth:15 percent

    12 month sales:$2.6 billion

    The company’s profit is based primarily on revenue from customer balances denominated in US dollars, British pounds sterling, Canadian dollars and Australian dollars.

    The return on these assets could jump from 0.6 percent in FY 2022 to 2.3 percent in FY 2023 and 2.7 percent in 2024, helping Computershare exceed market expectations for 2023 profits by up to 40 percent.

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    Consultation Brands

    Market value:$46.6 billion

    CEO:William Newlands

    Claims for 2023 revenue growth:5 percent

    12 month sales:$9.4 billion

    The beverage maker may be ready to undertake mergers and acquisitions in 2023 to accelerate growth.

    Portfolio restructuring in November could continue with a critical consensus that could expand the beer business’s footprint, expand the wine and spirits segment, and create a cross-country footprint.

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    Cooper Cos.

    Market price:$15.2 billion

    CEO:Albert White III

    Claims for 2023 revenue growth:5 percent

    12 month sales:$2.9 billion

    Rising growth in the contact lens market and higher myopia rates could draw attention to the eye care company this year.

    Cooper Cos.’s new myopic-slowing creations for kids, MiSight contacts and SightGlass glasses (joint venture with EssilorLuxottica) may be more catalysts.