6 DeFi Projects That Got The Attention Of Reddit Users (Sponsored)

There are some pretty smart investment groups on Reddit, and it’s always been fascinating to see what cryptos are trending on this platform.

There are some pretty smart investment groups on Reddit, and it’s always been fascinating to see what cryptos are trending on this platform. The opinions of Reddit users can be especially valuable because they have openly represented the opinions of informed investors on many occasions. Here are the six best DeFi projects Reddit users are talking about right now:

1. Metacade (MCADE): Best DeFi Project for GameFi

2. Bancor (BNT): Best DeFi Project for Automated Trading and Staking

3. Beefy (BIFI): Best DeFi Project for Compound Interest

4. Origin Protocol (OGN): Best DeFi Project for NFTs

5. Osmosis (OSMO): Best DeFi Project for Decentralized Cosmos Exchange

6. Polygon (MATIC): Best DeFi Project for Building Apps

Metacade: Best DeFi Project for GameFi

As an upcoming GameFi company, it may not be the obvious choice to be included in the list of best DeFi projects on Reddit. But there is a clear connection between DeFi and GameFi, which can be understood from the last two letters of both words: Fi, that is, finance. Although Metacade itself does not offer traditional DeFi services, it does have a token (MCADE) that can be offered as collateral on DeFi platforms and can also be used for stocking, mining and yield optimization purposes.

Metacade caters to all types of blockchain gamers with its profit-making Play2Earn (Play to Win), Compete2Earn (Race to Win), Create2Earn (Build to Win) and Work2Earn (Work to Win) functions. P2E and gaming are seen by many as the next major element of the crypto world, which makes Metacade attractive to investors. But beyond that, The worlds of GameFi and DeFi will increasingly begin to merge and intersect It is open. For example, buying a metaverse land and then renting it blurs the boundaries between GameFi and DeFi.

Why Reddit Users Love Metacade

Metacade is currently in its first presale phase and therefore offers investors in the Reddit community an early action advantage. But beyond the earnings from the launch, Reddit users are excited about the big boom expected in the P2E industry in general, and the potential of Metacade in particular. Metacade offers a host of earnings to crypto players and developers alike, with P2E functionality and acting as a springboard for upcoming games. It also actively supports the development of new games through the Metagrants funding initiative.

With Metacade, both gamers and developers can monetize crypto games, and as the Metacade community grows, it can have positive results for investors and crypto enthusiasts. Metacade fans on Reddit also praise Metacade’s plans to develop and release the best games, its commitment to security and transparency, its equitable approach to staking, and its roadmap to become a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

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Bancor: Best DeFi Project for Automated Trading and Staking

Bancor is an Automated Market Maker (AMM). In fact, even more so, it is the first AMM. Since 2017, it has been operating as a decentralized exchange that allows users to transact with different cryptocurrencies. Investors buy from liquidity pools of BNT tokens and other cryptocurrencies. They can earn interest on their investments and trades are made effectively between different liquidity pools.

Being the first to market, Bancor’s business model has been successfully copied (in some cases even further developed) by companies such as Uniswap and PancakeSwap.

Why Reddit Users Love Bancor

It’s always a good idea to have a comprehensive portfolio in your crypto basket that includes tokens that are both performing well over the long term and are high risk but also highly likely to return. Reddit users like that Bancor is a lower risk option among other cryptos. Bancor has been in business for over five years and has a good reputation for safety, security and auditing.

Users also welcome that Bancor can run on EOS and Ethereum, as well as support multiple cryptocurrencies. Other points in Bancor’s favor include unilateral staking, ease of use, permanent loss protection and operating as a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

Beefy: Best DeFi Project for Compound Interest

Beefy is similar to Bancor in some ways. But while Bancor has liquidity pools, Beefy has vaults where you can store your cryptos. Here’s the clever part: Beefy automatically lends or stakes these tokens to others to generate the best possible compound interest for you. What’s more, the fees are low, customers have management rights, and when you stake BIFI tokens, you can claim your share of Beefy’s revenue.

On October 8, 2020, Beefy went live with the first batch of cases on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Since then, it has launched a significant number of additional blockchains, positioning itself as the top multi-chain yield optimizer. In case you were wondering, the name (Beefy=meaty/strong) Beefy is based on the idea that it will increase your earnings!

Why Reddit Users Love Beefy

Beefy is very popular on Reddit and there are lots of positive threads about the company. When you search through all the relevant posts, it won’t take long to discover what Reddit users love about Beefy. In a market that is not always fair, Beefy scores highly for its relative safety.

Users also appreciate that Beefy does research before listing a new platform. This approach means Beefy does most of the hard work for you. Just keep in mind that the value of these crates can go up or down!

Origin Protocol: Best DeFi Project for NFTs

Origin Protocol brings together two of the most popular technologies in crypto: NFTs and DeFi. Origin Story acts as a virtual store where NFTs can be marketed, sold and dropped off. Creators can easily monetize their NFT, the famous “