76% of digital advertising investments are on mobile devices!

The transformation of digital into the main sales channel for businesses of all sizes and the increase in competition in the digital environment …

The transformation of digital into the main sales channel for businesses of all sizes and the increase in competition in the digital environment are also reflected in digital advertising and media spending, which is one of the first ways to gain visibility. 

Media and Advertising Investments Report, published by media and advertising-oriented professional organizations in cooperation with the global consultancy company Deloitte, showed that media and advertising investments in our country were at the level of 17.10 billion TL in the first 6 months of the year.  The report also found that digital media and advertising investments rose to a total of 14.73 billion TL in the first half of the year.  Evaluating the current data on advertising investments, Ajans Zero Founder Serdar Doğan said, “This progress in the sector indicates that businesses have accepted the post-pandemic normalization and actively started marketing and communication activities.  Still, the dollar, which has gained approximately 40% value against the TL since the beginning of the year, and the rising costs due to inflation have a significant impact on these increases,” he said. 


It was also noted in the compiled data that 76% of digital media investments were made in mobile devices and that total mobile advertising investments exceeded 10.6 billion TL.  On the other hand, programmatic advertising investments, which define the purchase of the area to be displayed and the duration of the ad display with computer software, accounted for 74% of digital investments.  Serdar Doğan said that this situation gives clues that social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram or Google are used in three out of 4 digital advertisements on average. could get.  However, Facebook’s breaking new ground since 2018 and reflecting the exchange rate differences to its advertising costs increased the cost-per-click (CPC) and decreased the return on advertising.  This situation increases the need for professionals in digital advertising management.  Especially small businesses need to evaluate their limited digital advertising budgets in the most accurate way by getting support from experts who fully know the advertising needs of the platforms and follow the trends.  As Ajans Zero, we respond to these needs of our customers end-to-end.” 


Noting that the share of social media investments in total investment has reached 43%, according to Deloitte’s report, Ajans Zero Founder Serdar Doğan said, “In the last months of the year, brands that want to melt their marketing budgets and achieve their targets are focusing on social media-oriented ads.  While this increases competition on social media platforms, it negatively affects the performance of advertisements that do not have the potential to spread rapidly and attract attention.  In this sense, in addition to our digital advertising, campaign management and Google ads services, we offer social media content support to our customers of different scales.  In addition, my agency and I convey the experiences we have gained with more than 300 brands through training programs to those who aim for a career in this field and to companies that want to improve their digital advertising skills for the institution.”  “


Reminding that platforms change their advertising policies from time to time and social media is in a transformation due to its nature, Serdar Doğan concluded his evaluations with the following words: Our trainings, which include many topics from analysis to analysis, are updated according to the changing dynamics of digital.  Participants also have the chance to actively apply what they have learned during the training process where theory and practice are carried out together.  As Ajans Zero, we recommend our trainings, in which we analyze the strategies of large and small-scale brands, to anyone who wants to use their advertising budgets in the most effective way without risk.  We promise our course participants to cut advertising costs and specialize in social media.”