A California Department Goes Digital with Tezos Network

The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is working on the digitization of car titles with the Tezos (XTZ) infrastructure.

California Department of Motor Vehicles ( DMV), Tezos ( XTZ) with the infrastructure of car titles Working on digitization.

The use of blockchain and crypto has begun to spread in countries. Many countries are working on the efficiency and potential provided by the new technology. Especially on the blockchain side, there are initiatives that create a competitive environment. Finally, the US CaliforniaA department in the state is working on a system integrated with the popular crypto project Tezos. DMV is conducting tests on digital title deed with Tezos infrastructure.

California Department of Motor Vehicles Uses Tezos Infrastructure

Department of Motor Vehicles in the US state of California ( DMV), car titles and title transfers Testing on the Tezos network.

California DMV runs its operations on a special Tezos testnet, which it calls the shadow ledger. For these transactions, Leveraged Oxhead Alpha . In fact, this work aims to build the agency’s existing data on the blockchain.

California DMV director Ajay Gupta stated that the agency wants to complete the shadow book in the next three months. In the middle of these processes DMV, as an intermediary overseeing such activities, wants to launch applications such as digital wallets to hold and transfer digital car data.

Andrew Smith, president of Oxhead Alphaargued that the California DMV, along with its blockchain initiatives, is modernizing its existing-based systems.