A Google engineer explained how employees at the company were sobbing

A Google engineer explained how employees were sobbing after major layoffs at the company.

Recently, Google announced it would lay off 6% of its workforce . Thus, Google has become a module of the massive layoffs that have resulted in thousands of job losses. Earlier this month, Microsoft laid off 10,000 and Amazon 18,000. There are reports that Spotify is also planning to lay off workers.

Google’s dismissal decision has apparently upset employees greatly. An anonymous Google engineer shared his views on the effects of downsizing on the current workforce. The engineer stated that the dismissed cried during the meetings when the news of the dismissal was announced.

A second engineer, after the news, said that the employee ” angry and sadThe person still working stated that the decision removes the sense of belonging among the employees and said, “ We truly believed that Google was something different. But Google is just another big company. Now, I think everything that used to feel special or make you feel like you’re really part of a mission and not just a big money making machine is gone, I think.” said.

The two engineers also say that the current worker fears further layoffs.