A Hacker Moves Stolen Assets Six Years Later

A hacker known as Blockchain Bandit has moved the $90 million he stole from crypto wallets six years later.

Blockchain BanditA hacker known as the one who stole from crypto wallets 90 million dollarsmoved six years later.

One of the biggest problems in the crypto industry is hacking attacks. Acting on smart contracts, hackers stole millions of dollars of assets from the industry. A hacker nicknamed Blockchain Bandit moved the assets he stole six years ago. Blockchain Bandit has moved cryptocurrencies it has long hibernated since 2016, according to Chainalysis data.

Hacker Has $90 Million In Assets He Stole

According to Chainalysis, a hacker nicknamed Blockchain Bandit started hauling $90 million in crypto assets last week.

The famous hacker stood out for emptying crypto wallets protected by weak private keys. The hacker’s planned and programmatic emptying of wallets earned him the nickname Blockchain Bandit. Bandit has gained notoriety by emptying more than 10,000 crypto wallets since its first hacking attacks.

Six years later, Bandit, which carried these assets, moved 51 thousand Ethereum and 470 Bitcoin to different wallets. Chainalysis said the following on the subject;

“Given the recent rise in prices, we suspect the rogue is moving their funds.”