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A mock-up, said to be related to Google’s foldable phone Pixel Fold, appeared in the YouTube image

Pixel Fold, Google’s foldable phone returning to the snake story, appeared as a model, this time in a YouTube image.

Possible foldable phone from Google that never showed up Pixel FoldWhile it is still not officially introduced, it is almost certain that it is being worked on. The emergence of some images of the work last monthSubsequently, a YouTuber named Dave2D seized what he said was a mock-up of the foldable Pixel and tried to predict a number of features.

Some of the valuable points in the middle of these can be listed as follows:

  • According to the assumption made by looking at the hinge, the inner screen will have a softer middle curve than the Samsung Z Fold 4.
  • Presumably to cut costs and avoid a camera outage, the 7.67-inch internal display has surprisingly thick bezels. According to Dave’s assumption, the frame will be about 5mm thick.
  • The 5.79-inch outer screen appears to be slightly shorter and wider than the Z Fold 4 and has a selfie camera cutout.
  • There are speaker grilles at the top and bottom.

Gray plastic model, including a giant camera setup, hinge design and thick bezels With the leaked images we saw in December largely matched. Therefore, even if it is invalid, we can say that we are at least looking at a balanced work with previous leaks.

Dave didn’t reveal the source, but such dimensionally accurate mock-ups are often sent to case makers before the device is released, ensuring that later accessories are ready for use. While that timing was in line with the December leak, which suggested an official announcement at Google I/O in May, later leaks argued that the launch could happen in the fall.