A new debt restructuring package is coming

It has been stated that a new package has been prepared in which all debts to the state will be restructured until 31 December 2022.

Turkey is preparing for a new debt restructuring package.

With the new package, it is foreseen that all debts to the government will be restructured until 31 December 2022. In the package, companies will be provided with the opportunity to increase their base, cash and stock amnesty.

Tax liabilities of the structuring process; The tax debts to the finances are now not solidified or are in the process of litigation fines, Credit and Dormitories Institution collection loans, motor vehicle taxes, traffic fines, population fines, military fines, prices and fines for illegal tolls from highways and bridges, customs fines and insurance followed by the social security agency expected to cover premiums.

A significant write-off will occur in the interest and default interest debts added to the principal debt. As in the previous configurations, the opportunity to pay in cash and in installments will be introduced.

In case of advance payment, up to 90 percent of debts will be written off. Your sure amount underIt was stated that it is the subject of the word that all debts are written off.

Details of the package are expected to be announced at Monday’s cabinet meeting.