A Nomad Linked Wallet Made an Ethereum Transfer!

An anonymous address associated with Nomad Bridge transferred approximately one and a half million dollars worth of Ethereum (ETH) to Tornado Cash.

nomad bridgeAn anonymous address associated with Ether (about one and a half million dollars) ETH) Tornado Cashtransferred to .

last summer Nomad Bridge suffered a hacking attack. Anonymous hackers who exploited the vulnerability in smart contracts managed to seize almost all the funds in the project. Nomad Bridge, as a result of this hacking attack 190 million faced a dollar loss. Judging by recent network activity, an asset transfer occurred in a wallet linked to Nomad Bridge. anonymous wallet, 1.57 milliondollar Ethereumu Tornado Cashcarried it to.

Nomad Linked Wallet Activated for Ethereum Transfer

190 milliondollar Nomad BridgeAn anonymous wallet linked to the attack 1.57 milliondollar Ethereum ( ETH) moved.

crypto oversight body CertiK, nomadwarned that a linked wallet has been activated. CertiK, your wallet associated with the Nomad hack, 1,200 ETHin order to disrupt Tornado Cash He claimed he carried it to Hacker to crypto mixing platform 12 differentin the process one hundred‘er ETHsent.

1 Augustin nomad Hundreds of anonymous, attacking the vulnerability on the side of the bridge tried to evacuate all assets on the bridge by taking advantage of a security breach. According to reports, these attackers, 88 millionHe had seized a dollar asset. nomad, total 190 millionIt has experienced one of the biggest hack attacks with a loss of $.