Aave Selects Ethereum Network for Third Edition

DeFi platform Aave will release the third version of its crypto lending protocol on the Ethereum (ETH) network.

DeFi platform aave, the third version of the crypto lending protocol Ethereum ( ETH) will remove it on the network.

Popular DeFi lending platform in the crypto industry aave, DAO went to a vote. The community of the project is the third version Ethereum He decided to go out on the network. The third version of the lending protocol by voting, EthereumIt will be released on its network with support for seven assets.

Aave Prepares To Release Its New Version On The Ethereum Network

DeFi platform aavewill launch the third version of the lending protocol on the Ethereum network, following the community-accepted decision.

The version, which will be released as Aave v3 on Ethereum, will provide support for seven different assets. These assets are; wBTC, wETH, USDC, DAI, LINKand AAVE it will be. These assets are included in the new version. Chaos labssuggested. DAOThe v3 plan of Chaos Labs was accepted as a result of the voting made by the company.

wBTC and wETHPricing of all assets except Will be provided from ChainLink stream . ChainLink stands out as an oracle-oriented smart contract protocol.

using the Ethereum network aave v3, only one eModewill be available activated. aaveof eModefeature stands out with its high collateral and maximum capital efficiency for borrowed assets.