According to Bloomberg, 50 companies to follow in 2023 (31-40)

Media Single Market cap: $36.6 billion CEO: Li-Hsing Rick Tsai 2023 revenue growth assumption: – 3 percent 12-month sales: $19.7 billion The chipmaker’s expansion in the premium smartphone processor segment is gaining momentum. Biomberg…

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    Media Single

    Market price:$36.6 billion

    CEO:Li-Hsing Rick Tsai

    Assumption of 2023 revenue growth:Percent – 3 percent

    12 month sales:$19.7 billion

    The chipmaker’s expansion into the premium smartphone processor segment is gaining momentum. BIoomberg analysts believe this will bring more adequate sales growth than Qualcomm, who is the head of segment, in 2023.

    MediaTek’s plan to release higher-performing and more cost-effective chip system artifacts for 5G smartphones could help the company gain market share.

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    Market price:$109.4 billion

    CEO:Geoffrey Martha

    Assumption of 2023 revenue growth:4 percent

    12 month sales:$31.7 billion

    The medical device company’s launch of its new treatment for high blood pressure in the US may be the recipe for reviving growth.

    Expected to receive FDA approval in 2023, the market for hypertension treatment could be worth $1 billion by 2026 (almost twice the company’s expectations) and exceed $3 billion by 2030.

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    Market price:$291.3 billion

    CEO:Mark Zuckerberg

    Assumption of 2023 revenue growth:5 percent

    12 month sales:$117.9 billion

    Facebook’s parent company has had a strong 2022, but the challenges it faces this year may be even more depressing. Market expectations for profit margins seem overly optimistic. Meta is facing a sharp slowdown in revenue growth for its advertising business and higher operating costs linked to its Reality Labs segment, which develops AR/VR hardware and software.

    Payments to content creators for Reels work can add to the pressure. Bloomberg analysts suggest that profit growth could be revised downwards by 10 percent for 2023.

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    Market value:1804.4 billion dollars

    CEO:Satya Nadella

    Claims for 2023 revenue growth:10 per cent

    12 month sales:203.3 billion dollars

    The recovery in cloud computing spending following the slowdown could be positive for Microsoft in the next two years. Bloomberg analysts point out that the second half of 2023 could be a positive turning point for the company.

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    Market price:$126.9 billion

    CEO:Reed Hastings

    Claims for 2023 revenue growth:8 percent

    12 month sales:$31.5 billion

    Considering the announcement of Netflix’s ad-enhanced package, expectations for Netflix’s sales for 2023 seem conservative. The Bloomberg analysis points to more than $1 billion in additional revenue and potential sales growth of about 11 percent versus the market expectation of about 8 percent.

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    Novo Nordisk

    Market value:$259.1 billion

    CEO:Lars Fruergaard Jorgensen

    2023 revenue growth forecast:16 percent

    12 month sales:$24.3 billion

    He may be underestimating the long-term sales and benefit potential of Novo Nordisk’s diabetes and obesity drugs.

    Also, the fast-track FDA approval of Lilly’s Mounjaro (a similar drug) and another related work could draw further attention to opportunities in this class of drugs.

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    Market value:$27.1 billion

    CEO:Christel Heydemann

    Assumption of 2023 revenue growth:1 percent

    12 month sales:$48.4 billion

    The French telecommunications operator is poised to offer positive dividend surprises in 2023. Bloomberg’s analysis indicates that the 2022-24 rollout will outpace the market claim by more than 20 percent.

    Better cash flow is at the center of stronger shareholder returns that support the systematic dividend payout ratio.

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    Market price:$8.8 billion

    CEO:Roger Penske

    Assumption of 2023 revenue growth:-1 percent

    12 month sales:$27.1 billion

    Even as economic growth slows, the car retailer is running an increasingly profitable business, switching amid sales of new and used cars powered by its profitable service unit.

    Supply disruptions related to the pandemic have increased profitability by reducing large stocks of unsold new cars. At the same time, Penske is shifting its used mix to high-end cars for real, which could help push its interests above market expectations in 2023.