Affordable mixed reality headset move from Apple!

An affordable model initiative has begun for the mixed reality headset, which is expected to be called Apple Reality Pro.

Aiming to reach the top in all areas of production, Apple is also preparing assertively for the world of mixed reality headsets. The release date of the title, whose promotional event was subject to many delays, was also determined. A new claim has been made for the title, which has been on the agenda with leaks for a while.

Affordable Apple Reality Pro will be around $1500

Price leaks for the mixed reality headset, which is expected to be called Apple Reality Pro, have made enthusiasts think. So much so that, judging by the information obtained from many sources, Apple, who wanted to be the best in the industry, set a price of 3 thousand dollars for the title.

As such, Apple is preparing a series of initiatives to increase accessibility. Previously, some leaks had signaled an affordable model. According to Bloomberg and The Information, the initiative has already begun. According to the news, the Apple Technology Development Group of 1,000 people continues to work on two different titles.

According to the source, the affordable Apple Reality Pro will take the stage in 2025. There is no prototype yet, but the company has set its policy for the titles. The flagship model has a 4K internal display. According to the source, there will be a resolution restriction on the affordable model. In addition, the affordable model will use fewer cameras and relatively slower processors.

In the light of the latest information, the operating system of the mixed reality headset is also revealed. According to the content shared by Bloomberg with the note “A source within Apple”, Apple AR/VR would have the xrOS operating system. The expected Apple mixed reality headset will be released on two different platforms, one based on iOS (rOS) and the other based on macOS (xrOS).