AGRA/Kalibata: We need $30 billion for food systems

In an interview with Bloomberg HT, the Leader of the Green Revolution Alliance in Africa (AGRA) Dr. Agnes Kalibata stated that 30 billion dollars of investment is needed to transform the world’s food system and that this need will reach 300 billion dollars with the prestige of 2030.

Speaking to Bloomberg HT at the Davos Summit, Green Revolution Alliance in Africa (AGRA) Leader Dr. Agnes Kalibata valued the transformation of the food system.

In his speech, Kalibata emphasized that the world is extremely divided and said that food, power and water are one of the biggest problems.

“We do not agree on how to proceed.” Kalibata said that access to life resources is impossible for some people.

“There will be a need for 300 billion dollars for food systems with the prestige of 2030”

Answering the question of how much budget would be needed to transform the world’s food system, Kalibata said, “We need an investment of 30 billion dollars for food systems. With the prestige of 2030, this neediness will be 300 billion dollars.” said.

On the other hand, Kalibata stated that climate change will affect poor communities and small businesses and underlined that poor countries use nature because they do not have enough resources.