Alarko/Alaton: We diversify investments geographically and sectorally

Leyla Alaton, Member of the Board of Directors of Alarko Holding and Leader of the Alvimedica Board of Directors, who participated in the Bloomberg HT broadcast, stated that they decided to diversify more geographically and sectorally and said,

Leyla Alaton, Member of Alarko Holding Administrative Council and Leader of the Alvimedica Board of Directors, made statements about Alarko Holding and Alvimedica in the Bloomberg HT broadcast.

Leyla Alaton, who stated that new decisions were taken regarding new investments, said, “We have decided to diversify more geographically and in the sector, and these decisions are currently undergoing a strategic analysis in different areas where we will have new investments.”

Reminding that CEO Ayhan Yavrucu left in 2022 but continued to be on the board of directors, Alaton said that Ümit Nuri Yıldız took the flag. Noting that the team is getting younger and the third generation has stepped in more heavily, Alaton said, “We have entered a process of rejuvenation, renewal, and renewal in Holding. I think we have entered an important phase with the search for new departments and new investment areas. We also have three female members in our Board of Directors, and there has been a change with me.”

“It has been a good year in energy”

Noting that they have left behind an energy-sufficient year, Alaton said, “We have now understood much more appropriately how much energy is needed and that it needs to be diversified. We have a power distribution in this middle in Konya, we are strengthening the “Existence of Women in Energy” there as well, we are now recruiting women to the field. There is a woman in power,” he said.

Stating that there are new investments in tourism in Bodrum, Alaton stated that there is a new Hillside that will be put into service in 2025 and that they are looking for new ones in tourism as well.

“80% of blue collar women are women”

Stating that the number of employees at Alvimedica has exceeded 400, Alaton said, “Especially 80 percent of blue collar workers are women. We exceeded 400 in Turkey, we are close to 200 individuals in Italy. We are an important global company and we export to 80 countries,” he said.

Stating that the biggest problem in Turkey is the purchase guarantee, Alaton said, “Because this is a strategic branch and I hope it will be understood. It has become very difficult to find raw materials in the branch because it is subject to regulation.”

Alaton added that the Far East market is very valuable for them and that Korea bought goods worth 5 million euros.