AMD admitted it! Intentionally selling at a high price

AMD, one of the leading names in the hardware industry, will not change its CPU and GPU pricing despite low sales.

One of the leading names in the hardware industry AMDduring the previous two quarters on its last earnings call. CPUand GPU announced that it has stopped its shipments. CEO Lisa Su admitted that the company overpriced its GPUs and CPUs. However, it is unclear whether this practice will continue. Here are the details!

AMD CEO will keep implementing GPU/CPUs despite low demand

AMD made various statements to investors in its Q4 2022 earnings release. In these statements, the chips will be launched in the second half of 2022 to keep prices high and get rid of unsold inventory after the sharp fall in the computer market. insufficiently referredstatements were included.

In other words, starting next quarter AMD saleswill reduce. CEO Lisa Su says the market for computers and components has become slow and stagnant. Two months ago, Nvidia acknowledged that it has similar limitations for GPUs.

Despite these, Nvidia did not give any information about whether they would continue with the same tactics, unlike AMD. AMD CEO Lisa Su made the following statements on the subject. “We under-shipped in the third quarter, we under-shipped in the fourth quarter. We’ll be shipping less understatements in Q1.”

In addition, Lisa Su admitted in the statement that the company overpriced its GPUs and CPUs. In addition, the CEO stated that they plan to continue this practice despite the declines in sales. This brings to mind the thought that things will cause even more negative consequences.