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An original unopened iPhone 1 goes up for auction in anticipation of wealth

An unopened first-generation iPhone, an iPhone 1, has been put up for sale at auction. The expected final price is unbelievable…

A first-generation iPhone in its original, unopened box has gone up for auction and could allegedly cost up to $50,000.

The phone is the one who receives the phone as a gift from his friends after starting a new job. Karen Green pertaining to. Green said he never opened the iPhone because he bought a new phone at the time and thought the iPhone would never get old.

One expert said the phone, which was $599 in 2007, could now cost $5,000. However, it is assumed that the phone will potentially reach $ 50,000.

The iPhone in question is an 8-gigabyte first-generation iPhone with a camera. The auction started at $2,500. Green says he held the phone until October of 2022 when he heard that another first-gen unopened iPhone was selling for $40,000. He is currently trying to start a new business and states that he needs money because of that.

Green told Business Insider, ” If I could hold the phone for another 10 years, I probably would‘ he says and adds: The only reason I’m selling that phone is to support my business.

You can follow the auction here.