Another weird attack from Elon Musk: Now Twitter is selling the items in its office

Twitter has put up for sale 631 items in its San Francisco office. There’s even a “Twitter Bird” in the middle of the stuff.

Twitter held an auction to get rid of 631 corporate assets it described as “surplus”. The company, Heritage Global Partners, six espresso machines, two small coffee machines, two refrigerated tables special for pizza productionand again exclusively designed for Naples’ neatest culinary creation both furnacestook on the job of selling these “surpluses” containing

Amidst the offerings are 107 cans of N95 masks, a Yamaha digital mixing console, 68 eight-point Belkin power strips still in the box, and a Kegerator Beer Dispenser. Most items have starting prices of $25 or $50. Those prices seem pretty good for some items, like the bike-powered USB charger, which sells for $4,025 new. “ Flip Neon Twitter Bird LightAn object defined as ” is also waiting for a buyer in this price range.

However, there are also many ordinary and daily use items. 102 chairs, 97 tables and 42 stools are on sale, many of which come from well-known designers.

All of the items for sale are located at Twitter’s 1355 Market Street San Francisco office, and predictably, It was put up for sale due to Elon Musk’s decision to lay off thousands of people at the company, which was largely wasteful.

Reportedly, the proceeds from the auction will likely help Musk pay off the $13 billion he took on to buy the microblogging service. But even if this auction goes phenomenal, it’s hard to see it raise more than a few million dollars.

Bidders must register in advance and be ready to bid on January 17 and 18. The winners of the bids will be required to receive their items between January 23 and February 2.