Apex Legends is closing: Two terrible news from EA for Apex Legends Mobile and Battlefield

Electronic Arts announced that Apex Legends Mobile has come to the end of the road. The anticipated portable Battlefield game, on the other hand, will apparently never happen.

Electronic Arts has announced that it has stopped working on the anticipated Battlefield portable game, and that it has come to the end of the road for Apex Legends Mobile. According to the statement, Apex Legends Mobile, a battle royale game released last year, will cease its activities on May 1.

Apex Legends Mobile is shutting down

According to an FAQ posted on EA’s site, players who purchase in-game items or have in-game currency in their Apex Legends Portable account will lose their purchases and receive no refunds after the servers are down. Apex Legends Mobile’s retirement will not affect the console or PC versions of the game.

Mobile Battlefield canceled before it’s released

EA first announced its plans for a Battlefield portable game in 2021. The initial plan was to bring the large-scale military FPS to portable devices, and this would be a different approach from the console/PC version. At that time, EA said that its aim was to bring its visions for the series to mobile in the best possible way.

In the middle, the company will continue to work on its flagship game Battlefield 2042, which was described as “disappointing” when it was released in 2021.