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Apple changed its mind: MacBook with touchscreen is coming!

It turned out that technology giant Apple is working on a touchscreen MacBook! Here are the details…

Apple has long been expected to present a touchscreen MacBook Pro. However, the company suggested that this is not possible and that the iPad should be used for a touchscreen computer. But he must have changed his mind on this matter, as Bloomberg reports that the technology giant company is working on a MacBook with a touchscreen. So, what will be the details of this product? Let’s take a look at the details of the news together.

Touchscreen MacBook to be introduced in 2025

According to Bloomberg’s report, Apple is working on a touchscreen MacBook Pro. In fact, the company will introduce this product in 2025. The technology giant has been using IPS LCD screens in its products for a long time. The company will also transition to OLED screens on its computers in 2025.

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Other than Apple, many brands such as Lenovo, HP, and Asus introduced the first touchscreen laptop in recent years. Technology giant Apple is likely to have waited for the technology to settle a little more in order to offer a new product in this area as well.

On the other hand, Apple founder Steve Jobs made a statement in 2010 stating that MacBook models with touch screens are not suitable for the user experience. He even said the following on the subject:

“We did tons of user testing on this and it turned out to be not working. Touch surfaces don’t want to be vertical. He gives a great demo, but after a while you start to get tired and after a long time your arm just wants to drop.”

It remains to be seen whether Apple will make any changes in terms of usage while working on the touch computer. On the other hand, the company added the Touch Bar, which performs important functions on the keyboard, to the MacBook models it introduced in the past years.

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