Apple has decided not to put anyone in Jony Ive’s seat from now on.

After the successor of Apple legend Jony Ive left the company, it was wondered who would take the valuable seat. And the answer arose: No one!

a few months ago Evans Hankeyannounced that he will leave Apple after 3 years as Chief of Industrial Design. Hankey, successor to Jony Ive He will leave the company in the coming months. However, Apple, who made a surprising decision, will not replace Hankey with another person.

According to Bloomberg, All 20 industrial designersNow COO Jeff William will report to s. The post-Jony Ive period marks a design cluster that has split in two since Ive’s departure. In 2015, the team expanded its industrial design and Alan DyeIt was divided into two as a part that deals with the user interface led by .

With Hankey’s departure, Williams will be in charge of both teams, rather than Dye embracing both teams or someone else stepping in. Bloomberg, Hankey’s departure” that a wider migration within the design team is module and makes it more difficult to find a replacement.“Apple’s 15 top designers under Ive have left the Cupertino, California-based tech giant since 2015.

This change also means that Apple’s operations cluster will work closely with the design. This decision will also place Williams in a more valuable position within the company.

Here’s the Bloomberg report: “This cluster will take on larger roles as part of the change. However, Williams decided that none of them should be named as the new leader and that the entire group should report to him. The attack ties Apple’s cluster of operations more closely to design, an arrangement that has plagued some of Apple’s creative staff. It will also elevate Williams, who is seen as the possible successor to Executive Council Leader Tim Cook.”

While these changes have not been made public, Apple may still appoint a new industrial design manager in the future, as Hankey still has a few months left. Interestingly, while layoffs are taking place in big technology companies, Apple seems to be reorganizing the roles within the company in order not to lay off and hire new hires. For example, as the Executive Vice President for Services is leaving the company, Apple plans to divide his role into three teams within the company rather than hiring a new Executive Vice President.