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Apple starts selling refurbished iPhone 13: How much are the prices?

The iPhone 13 series, which Apple offered to users in 2021, started to meet with users again with its renewed phone service.

In recent years, due to increasing prices in the smartphone market, renovated phones are getting more attractive. Such products are diverse in terms of hardware and software. from the testsin case of malfunction and in case of malfunction, it works by performing the repair and seamlesssomehow more affordable resaleis offered. applein renovatedone of the companies providing telephone service and iPhonemodels have been on the official website for a while. refurbished It’s on sale under the iPhone service. Finally 2021Introduced in , the iPhone 13 series began to appear in front of users in its renewed form.

How much is the refurbished iPhone 13 series?

The iPhone 13 series, which Apple offered to users towards the end of 2021, started to meet with users again with the company’s renewed phone service. However, there is a critical detail that needs to be underlined at this point. Because the company refurbished iPhone The app is not available in all countries. Unfortunately, our country is not able to benefit from this service.

Apple’s refurbished iPhone 13 The countries it sells are currently England, Spain, Italy and Germany. Apart from this, it is stated that the standard model is not available at first, but it will come to stocks very soon. The prices of the phones are the average of the market. 15 percentunder.

Refurbished phones often suffer from drops, breaks, scratches, etc. It is known as the products that are tried to be repaired and made close to zero for reasons. These types of phones are especially bought by consumers whose budget is not enough. In fact, it is possible to turn to the second hand as an alternative. However, while refurbished phone models are covered by the warranty, such an opportunity is unfortunately not available for second-hands.