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Apple took action for iPhone 14 screen error!

Some users are experiencing an interesting iPhone 14 screen error. The company plans to bring a solution as soon as possible.

Having achieved great success again with the iPhone 14 series, Apple exhibits a performance that sets the bar in the smartphone world. The series is very popular, especially with the Pro models of the series. However, some users have been facing problems lately.

Apple said it’s a hardware problem for the iPhone 14 screen error

social media in the past few weeks. Thandava Krishna TK A user named made a post showing that green and yellow horizontal lines appear on the screen when the phone is turned on. Then, many users announced that they had similar problems.

Apple made a statement stating that they did not know the reason for the iPhone 14 screen error yet and that they were following the issue. The company announced in a note shared today that the problem was caused by a hardware vulnerability and they are working on a solution. Apple has confirmed that an iOS update will be released soon to fix the issue.

On the other hand, the only problem Apple has is not the iPhone 14 screen error. Dynamic Island, which entered the world of smartphones with the iPhone 14, suddenly became very popular. So much so that many smartphone manufacturers have started working to include this feature in their models. However, some users are experiencing problems with this part of the devices.

Recently, a Twitter user shared that a burn occurred in the Dynamic Island area on the iPhone 14 Pro. Apple, on the other hand, stated that they have not encountered an error before. In addition, another user shared that there was a trace in the Dynamic Island section on the screen.