Apple will return the removed feature in its new update!

The architectural upgrade that technology giant Apple presented and removed for the Home application on iPhones will return with iOS 16.4! Here are the details.

Apple brought an upgrade to the Home app with the iOS 16.2 update. However, its users gave feedback that they had an error in the download phase of the innovation that came in the update. Apple, on the other hand, canceled the upgrade it brought to the Home application in line with these feedbacks. So, when will the upgrade for the Home app come? Let’s take a look at the details of the news together.

Apple will bring back upgrade for Home in iOS 16.4 update

Apple has withdrawn the upgrade for the Home app after many iPhone users had problems. However, the technology giant company wants to revise the smooth version of this upgrade and return it to the market. Apple is currently testing a second upgrade version for the Home app.

On the other hand, the upgrade for the Home app was expected to come again in the iOS 16.3 update. However, among the innovations in this update released yesterday, there was no innovation related to the upgrade for Home. Apple also announced that the upgrade would return shortly after undoing the upgrade.

For all these reasons, the architecture upgrade for the Home app is expected to return in the iOS 16.4 update. In addition, after the iOS 16.3 update was released yesterday, the first beta version for iOS 16.4 is expected shortly. But when the stable update will arrive is uncertain.

Among the features that the upgrade will bring for the Home application, innovations enabled by the temperature and humidity sensors on the HomePod and HomePod mini devices are also expected. Because Apple has additionally offered a new update for HomePod devices.

In the iOS 16.3 update, many innovations such as Security Keys for iPhones, Advanced Data Protection for iCloud, and second-generation HomePod support came.

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