Apple’s ‘refrigerator – toaster’ theory could be history with new Mac Pro

Apple could make a drastic U-turn on the idea of ​​a touchscreen laptop, which it has opposed for years.

Apple has long refused to integrate touchscreens into their Macs. In 2010, Apple founder Steve Jobs said that adding touchscreens to Macs was “ergonomicly awful.”And in 2012, Apple CEO Tim Cook introduced the mixing of tablets and laptops. Combining a toaster and refrigerator likened it. In his comment at the time, “ you can bring a toaster and a fridge together, but these things probably won’t make the user happy” he said.

But now, the company is reportedly trying to add touchscreens to its Mac lineup. This means that after more than a decade, Apple is backing down on its old promises. According to a Bloomberg report citing people close to the stake, the large number of Apple engineers involved in the project indicates that the company is considering it important to produce touch-controllable Macs.

Apple is said to want to include touchscreens primarily in the MacBook Pro, and to keep a classic laptop design in the middle. However, this is not expected before 2025. It may also be possible for the touch boost to expand to other Mac models over time.

The technology giant from Cupertino also plans to use OLED panels for its screens in line with the MacBook Pro refresh. Currently, the company uses LCD displays in its Macs. However, Apple Watch and iPhones use OLED. The first iPad Pro with an OLED display is said to be released in the first half of 2024.