Aptos (APT) Frenzy! How Much More Will It Go Up?

Aptos (APT) rallied to $13, setting a new all-time high (ATH).

aptos ( APT), a new all-time high ( ATH) rose to the level of 13 dollars.

Ethereum scaling and smart contracts platform aptosAt the end of last year, the market attracted great interest. 250 million The project, which received an investment of more than $ USD, gave its priority to creating an ecosystem. Using the recession of the crypto bear market as an opportunity aptos , tried to run the token unlock and network developments in a healthy way. In this process, 22 days ago 3 dollarsdeclining to the level APTprice reached a new all-time high. It went up to $13.

Why Is Aptos (APT) Rising? APT Coin Review

aptos ( APT ), has been constantly working on ecosystem developments since its launch. Popular crypto project, blockchain developments, NFTs, DApps, smart contractsand Web3continued to work on it. Ethereumscaling and Tier-1 platformbegan to reap the fruits of his work.

solan ( LEFT ), was adopted by a large crypto audience when it was released. Almost the entire crypto industry used the term Ethereum killer for Solana. On the other hand, Aptos is experiencing rapid expansion and growth just like Solana. Aptos, which is called the new Solana killer and pioneer crypto money, has also managed to create a unique community in a very short time.

Taking solid steps, the project reaped the fruits of these moves with ATH at APT price. The project, which has a strong community behind it and develops its ecosystem day by day, has the potential to be in important places in the long run.

Aptos (APT) Chart Analysis, How High Will APT Go?

Smart contracts and Tier-1 project Aptos ( APT), a new all-time high ( ATH ) has attracted attention. It has become the most popular cryptocurrency in the last few days. APT, It managed to climb as high as $13.

APT There is a huge rally going on. The price is a new one ATH He managed to reach the level of 13 dollars. without any obstacles APT , has not finished its rapid rise with a correction yet. At this point, a decline can be expected after a point for the rising chart with consecutive vertical candles.

Aptos also came to the fore in social media metrics. The popular project has become one of the most talked about cryptocurrencies on social media. This could also mean supporting the uptrend. However, if a rising cryptocurrency is talked about a lot, it may be subject to correction somewhere.

Apt put the ATH level of $13 into the current resistance point. Breaking this resistance point may lead us to see strong and rapid rises in hourly candles. APT over $13, as a new ATH point It could target $14.

On the other hand, inflated price and non-correction situations, APT It also puts a pullback to the support points on the table. If APT makes a possible fix 11 and 10.32 dollars You can visit support points. Even though APT drops to around $10, things will not turn negative due to the rising trend from $3. However, if it hangs below the $10 level, Support point at $.25 is of importance. Breaking this point is also a big support point. It highlights $7.

Aptos (APT) Market Cap and APT Token Offering

Tier-1 project Aptos ( APT ), has a bloated market conditions due to its rapid rise. Also, APT 85 percent locked tokenit literally became a mystery box.

Market value Rising up to $2 billion, Aptossorted by market value Ranked among the top 30 cryptocurrencies.APT stands out as a cryptocurrency with regular token unlocks and constantly increasing its circulating supply.

Total Aptos, which has a supply of 1 billion units is traded with a circulating supply of close to 159 million. The remaining amount of tokens is locked to be unlocked on certain dates. The amount of these locked tokens is close to 85 percent. Also, the total value of locked tokens 10.8 billion dollars.

Moreover aptoslatest rally, APTThe current price is as follows;

aptos (APT)

12.59 $