A Love Story Narcissism

More than one person who is interested in mythology knows the story of Narcissus. For those who don’t know, let’s talk quickly.

Narcissus is the story of a man who, fascinated by his own sweetness, seen in the reflection of a river, forgets to eat because of his own love, and drags himself to his death. In the psychology literature, the concept referred to as narcissism is named after Narcissus in Greek mythology.

So What Is This Narcissism?

Narcissism is a character formation that causes the person to act selfishly, far from empathy, smug, and focused only on himself. The person loves himself very much and thinks that he is superior to everything. It can be seen in two medicine. With the grandiose narcissistic character traits that always bring themselves to the fore, try to be the best in everything, openly ignore the feelings of others, always try to attract attention, they always complain that all the burden is on them even if they do not act in an open form, and they feel all the pain in the world on their own. It is divided into two types as fragile narcissistic features that want to attract all the attention to themselves, are very sensitive to criticism. The common point in both formations is selfish behaviors and self-esteem.

Why Do Narcissistic Personality Traits Occur?

These features, which usually appear in early childhood, are a medical defense mechanism that the child develops against his environment and especially his parents.

  • Behavior of the family away from empathy towards the child
  • The family does not show enough attention to the child, and they behave indifferently
  • Family resorting to very authoritarian, punitive procedures
  • Trauma caused by the loss of the child
  • The reasons such as dissatisfaction with the behavior of the child prepare the place for the formation of narcissistic personality disorder.

Can Narcissistic Personality Disorder Be Treated?

Narcissistic personality disorder is one of the most difficult personality disorders to treat. It is not easy to convince individuals with narcissistic personality disorder who think that they know the best of everything and to continue the treatment. Today, narcissistic personality disorder can be treated with accurate approaches applied by experts.

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