“Backdoor” solution for users in Russia from Intel

Users in Russia say they have access to Intel software and drivers despite the ongoing embargo. But to do this they also need to use the “back door” a bit.

After Russia invaded Ukraine, it was put on the embargo list by many tech giants (and many other companies). In the middle of these companies is Intel. However, now users in Russia say that they are able to download Intel drivers and some other software. According to the news of Moscow-based CNews, those who want to download these software can achieve this, although they have to follow a somewhat circuitous path.

Intel’s website is closed to users coming from Russia, but if the drivers and software are directly accessed from a search engine or other place, these pages and documents can be accessed.

Both Intel and Microsoft withdrew from Russia after the country invaded Ukraine in February 2022. Intel initially said it did this to comply with US export regulations, which for certain reasons prevent semiconductor supplies to Russia, including for military applications.

Intel halted all sales in Russia during the first month of the occupation, and in April of that year announced that it was suspending all business activities in the country permanently. In his statement, ” Join the global community to condemn Russia’s war against Ukraine.” At that time, Intel had 1,200 employees in Russia.

Towards the end of last weekend, the company said in a moderately cryptic statement, ” Access to resources that meet driver update requirements, such as the Intel Download Center and Intel Download Basis Assistant, are a module of Intel’s warranty obligations.” told.