Bad news from Microsoft: Software giant may lay off thousands of employees

According to the news from valuable sources, Microsoft may make a big layoff operation very soon.

It looks like Microsoft is about to sign massive layoffs in the next few days. The tech giant’s plan to lay off a valuable part of its workforce was first reported by Sky News and later confirmed by Bloomberg.

Sky says the number of layoffs is about five percent of its 220,000-strong workforce. says it will be 11,000 . Bloomberg claims that he does not know the scale of the layoffs, but that some engineering departments will be particularly affected. A Microsoft spokesperson told Engadget that the company did not comment on the rumors and speculations.

If the number 11,000 is correct, it can be said that a situation similar to Meta’s layoffs of 11,000 people last year will occur.

In October of last year, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadellawarned that they may soon have to tighten their belts due to the worsening macroeconomic conditions.