Bad news from Riot Games! laid off many employees

Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends, laid off many of its support and human resources employees.

Riot Games, the producer of games such as League of Legends and Valorant, is loved by many players around the world. The company, which has a considerable number of players in our country, is one of the giants in the entertainment industry. However, in this period when many companies in the game world were affected financially, Riot Games also took a step back. So that the company 46terminated his employee’s employment.

Riot Games fired 46 employees!

First of all, this event, e-sports reporter, Jacob Wolf revealed by. Riot Games, which later made a statement to EuroGamer on the subject, confirmed that 46 employees were fired. Stating that the company currently has an open staff of 150 people around the world, Wolf said that employees in support, e-sports and human resources were dismissed.

After that, the confirmation from the company was not delayed. Riot Games used the following statements in a statement:

“Riot Games implemented strategic changes across several teams to sharpen our focus on certain areas. With these changes, certain roles have been eliminated and a total of 46 Riot employees are affected. This is part of the normal course of our business. We’ve made these changes periodically based on what we think will allow us to deliver the best experience and content for players. We never take these decisions lightly and will always start with keeping Rioters on hand and asking them to focus on our priorities. While this is not always possible, that is our priority.”

Recently, many companies are on the agenda with layoffs. Finally, Microsoft, its game studios Bethesda, 343 Industriesand The Coalitiontotal company-wide 10,000 announced that he was laying off his employee. Unity, which develops a tool for making video games and simulations, 300terminated his employee’s employment due to the current economic conditions.

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