Bank Promotions and Contract Manager Recruitment from Demircan !

Democratic Health-Sen General Leader Togan Demircan stated that it is necessary to victimize health workers with bank promotions and to need managers based on merit.

Democratic Health-Sen General Leader Togan Demircan made valuable statements about the victimization of health workers with bank promotions and the need for managers based on merit.

Speaking to Bilim Sıhhat News Agency (BSHA), General Leader Togan Demircan criticized the bank promotion agreements signed in the middle of health provincial directorates, unions and bank promotions across Turkey. Saying that bank promotions are a bleeding wound, Demircan said, “There are problems with bank promotions in İzmir and throughout the country. 4-5 unions and health provincial directorates come together and organize a meeting. It was decided to continue with Yapı Kredi Bank for 5 years in İzmir. Here we would like to draw attention to this. When health directors and bureaucrats say, ‘I think this way’, we, as unions, can put forward a bureaucrat offer to the managers, it is not true to say ‘we do not want’ like the janissaries in the face of his offer, it is not wrong to say ‘long live my sultan’. Bureaucrats can be made to look from a perspective they do not look at, an idea can be put forward. “We can’t understand doing a survey after everything has been decided,” he said.

“We want a currency protected bank promotion”

Demircan said that health and public employees expect a promotion of at least 50 thousand TL and that they demand it to be finite for 3 years. Why are our friends in need of bank promotions for 30 thousand TL? There are requirements to be an authorized union. If the trade unions, who are the addressee of the table, deal with the sitting arrangement, if they deal with the 1-2 percent threshold, this will be the case. If they had used the energy they spent for the 2 percent threshold on bank promotions, they would have signed at least 50 thousand TL today. In fact, the number was spoken in that direction. There were institutions that signed 40 thousand. Although there is an agreement that will come into effect after 3-5 months, we said that we should make a bank promotion with currency protection, so that our friends will not be victims. Which bank it is is not valuable to us, what is valuable is that our employees are not victimized. Very low numbers were spoken in Diyarbakır and Bingöl. Our friends say that the bank is resisting, we will continue to receive our salaries again. Why are healthcare workers and public officials sacrificed to banks? The annual profits of the banks are astonishing. Among all this profit, there are two or three public servants who receive a salary from you, and there is no public servant who is not in the credit crunch. Don’t bother, give a promotion to the extent that their expectations will be met,” he called out to the banks.

“Anyone who has a 4-year undergraduate degree can become a health manager”

Democratic Health-Sen General Leader Togan Demircan said, “We have something to say about the Contracted Administration Model in Healthcare. The Ministry of Health was divided into four and five. There is a general manager at the head of each of them, such as Public Health Services and Pharmacy. An examination for promotion in health and title change is being held. The person who passes the exam is also subject to an interview, but our contracted managerial friends sign the contract without any interviews being routine. There is a Core Resource Management System. There is no need for knowledge, experience and experience as of the moment they fall into the ÇKYS. As long as he has a man, he sits down and starts working there. These friends are signing a short-term contract. We want to have managers based on merit. Let’s get rid of this contract model. The person who comes to the mission has an adaptation period of 6 months and 1 year. He gets used to it and starts to produce projects. this time, the contract expires. He is waiting as if he will stay in the institution or not? Since it is not clear what will happen, he cannot implement his project. If a manager was appointed based on merit, there would be no such obstacle in front of the director, chief physician, head nurse, health directors. For many of my contracted management friends, I can say that you should be able to defend what you really know. There are people who are recruited through İŞKUR in the field of health in the recruitment of contracted managers. Managers should be able to stand tall. A manager with a team is the one who comes to the mission with the right of his mind and knowledge. It does what the legislation says, and it cannot be removed from the mission. In this regard, we conveyed our demands to the representatives of political parties and the Ministry of Health to abandon the contracted manager model. We also submitted it in writing,” he said.

“Institutions are losing with the contracted administration system”

“We have seen a lot that the health services manager and chief physicians compete for their references in hospitals. We have witnessed many of these. We have witnessed many times that they are offended and do not talk to each other. Demircan said that they said ‘don’t enter my field’ and we saw a lot of conflicts in their midst.’ The chief physician of one hospital was taken from one hospital and appointed as the chief physician of another hospital. Hospitals are equivalent to each other. Our friend was successful, why is he being dismissed? Are you making a contract to avoid being idle? The same goes for head nurses, and they are sent to hospitals on the same scale. Those who make a survey about bank promotion, why don’t the Ministry of Health ask us. In case you want to see some as head physicians and some as head nurses. If such a survey is conducted and the results are acted upon, it will be understood more clearly. Managers are appointed against the will of the employees.”

“We saw that the bakery operator with a bachelor’s degree was the health manager”

Claiming that people who have graduated from any faculties with a bachelor’s degree in the Ministry of Health in Turkey and those who have a four-year bachelor’s degree can be appointed as a manager to the institution they want, Demircan continued his words as follows: “A bakery manager lady in Manisa worked as a health services manager. We do not understand the one who gives the mission, we do not understand the one who takes the duty. If you are not a nurse or health worker, how do you accept such a mission? Today, as Izmir, Ankara, Istanbul police chief, can you appoint me as the mission of Diyarbakir, Ağrı police directorate? You can’t, I’m a bachelor’s degree too. We have seen that a police chief is also a hospital director in this country.” (BSHA – Science and Health News Agency)