Bill Gates surprised everyone again by announcing that he will sell the places he owns

Bill Gates surprised everyone again by announcing that he would sell many of the assets that made him one of the wealthiest names.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates said he will donate most of his wealth, including more than one of the farming sites he currently owns, to his philanthropic endeavors. Gates is currently the seventh most powerful man in the world with a net worth of $103.6 billion.

Gates, with his ex-wife Melinda French Gates in 2000, aims to deal with problems such as poverty, inequality and infectious diseases. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation had established. He and his ex-wife with Warren Buffet in 2010 He also founded the Giving Pledge foundation.The Foundation was asking the world’s most powerful people to donate their wealth to charity in their will or lifetime.

In an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit on Wednesday, a user told Gates, “ As a philanthropist, what do you think of owning the largest land in the world? ” he asked. The land referred to in this question was the roughly 1.2 million square feet of farmland Gates owned in the United States. Gates responded to this question, “ I own less than a 4,000th of America’s farmland. I use these lands to be more productive and to create more employment opportunities for people. Everything I own will be sold and money transferred to my foundation” said.

Although Gates will remove himself from the list of the world’s wealthiest people, he first announced in July that he plans to give most of his fortune to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Gates donated a total of $20 billion to the foundation last year and said in a Twitter post: I am responsible for giving my resources back to society in ways that have the greatest impact on reducing pain and improving lives. And I hope other individuals in positions of great wealth and privilege will step up at this time.

During the same session, Gates also announced his new phone that he started using.