Billionaire Argues Bitcoin Is Not The Solution

Billionaire Ray Dalio claimed that Bitcoin (BTC) will experience the troubles of fiat currencies.

Billionaire Ray Dalio explains the troubles of fiat currencies that Bitcoin ( BTCHe claimed that he would live.

The development of the cryptocurrency market brings with it many rumors. Some of the biggest crypto topics discussed globally have been decentralization and the solution to the economy. Initially not very reliable, Bitcoin is now called digital gold. On this subject, billionaire Ray Daliostriking statements were made by Dalio argued that Bitcoin would not be the solution.

Billionaire Name Reverses Bitcoin Fury

Billionaire Rail dalio made a contrary statement to the Bitcoin frenzy that has spread globally. Billionaire, something like Bitcoin is supposed to be He said there would be no solution.

of CNBC Participating in a program, Dalio stated that the dangers and troubles of fiat currencies will also be experienced by Bitcoin. Also, Dalio said that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, He claimed that he would not produce a solution as a means of protection from inflation or a means of exchange.

The billionaire said that stablecoins are a copy of government-backed currencies and therefore cannot be effective in the industry.

After these statements, the Bitcoin community hurled the billionaire name into criticism. The community stated that Dalio’s definition of money is actually Bitcoin.