Bitget Is Among The Best Exchanges With Market Share Increase

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitget has become one of the top three derivatives exchanges, increasing its market share approximately two and a half times in the market shaped after the FTX bankruptcy.

Cryptocurrency exchange bitget, After FTX bankruptcyincreasing its market share approximately two and a half times entered the top three derivative exchanges.

Popular crypto derivatives exchange bitget managed to increase its market share by 2.6 times in the market shaped by the FTX bankruptcy. Thanks to this growth, the stock market has expanded to more than 100 countries. 8 million It has become one of the world’s best cryptocurrency exchanges with registered users. Moreover bitget , managed to expand its staff at the time when layoffs and downsizing became popular. Having 200 employees at the beginning of 2022, the stock market has 1000 employees as of this month.

Bitget Experienced Significant Growth and Development

Crypto derivatives exchange bitget In the last 12 months, it has spent a lot of time on improving its employee team, brand structure and business processes. In these processes, the stock market Boston Consulting GroupAccording to the report, in terms of crypto derivatives trading volume, entered the top 3 exchanges.

According to TokenInsightAfter the FTX bankruptcy, Bitget’s market share fell from 3 percent rose to 11 percent. . This ratio has led the exchange to gain dominance in terms of crypto derivatives.

Again at this time bitget Gained popularity with Copy Trade products. The exchange’s Copy Trade product recorded more than 300 percent growth in trading volume. Bitget Copy Trade gained attention by reaching more than 80 crypto traders and more than 338 thousand followers.

Also world famous football player Lionel Messi attracted attention by signing an exclusive crypto partnership with Bitget. In the period when cryptocurrencies were adopted but the stock markets were insecure, the partnership of such a football player came to the fore.

Bitget Comes to the Forefront in 2022

Cryptocurrency exchange bitgethas tightened its security measures with a $300 million hedge fund, fund custody services, and the Merkle Tree model.

Acting with a global expansion and first-class security perspective, the exchange managed to reach 8 million users in more than 100 countries.

Bitget Manager Grace Chensaid the following on the subject;

“Our achievements this year have made us a black horse in the face of these black swan events. Although there were some negativities in the markets, Bitget maintained its growth momentum. In such a period, we evaluated the opportunities to strengthen our capacity. Also, working with Leo Messi is about earning and building an ongoing business; reminded that it can be possible with passion, determination and teamwork. This significant growth we have achieved is testament to the hard work and tremendous efforts of our team.”

Bitget Manager Grace Chen

Evaluating his expectations for 2023 and the course of the stock market, Grace ChenHe said he expects interest rate hikes to slow down gradually.

Chen argued that the improvement in the global and macro economy will also reflect positively on the crypto money market. Addressing opportunities Chen, said:

“As macro liquidity continues to impact the crypto market, rate hikes are expected to slow gradually. During this period, the Fed’s impact on macro liquidity will continue to affect investors’ expectations from the crypto market. In addition, the amount of TVL (Total Locked Value) in DeFi is expected to gradually rise in 2023. Despite the depreciation of popular blockchain tokens, the number of new wallet addresses and active users on chains such as Polygon, Ethereum and BSC continues to increase. Our goal is to provide our users with the best social and derivatives trading experience. We will continue to increase our spot markets and improve the overall trading experience on Bitget. We will emerge from the crypto winter as the industry continues to consolidate and leverage, and as macroeconomic conditions improve. As we continue to evolve next year, we aim to become a leading player and move the industry forward.”