Blockchain and Crypto Wind at Film Festivals

In recent years, a significant increase has been observed in film festivals, blockchain and crypto-supported film projects and startups.

in recent years at film festivalsin blockchain and crypto-powered film projects and startups significant increase was observed.

Web3 and blockchain technologies continues to bring innovation by gradually integrating with old systems. Changes have been observed in many legacy initiatives, especially in the blockchain and crypto space. Music projects, which frequently come to the fore in the crypto money market, became one of the prominent ones in this field. Lately, movie industryalso caught the wind of blockchain and crypto.

Blockchain and Crypto Projects Attract Attention at Film Festivals

Slamdance Film FestivalThis year, blockchain-powered crowdfunding platform via Untold.iothe funder Fuzzy Headwill be premiered.

Untold.ioCEO Ali Aksugave the message that filmmakers can use blockchain technologies. Aksu, Fuzzy HeadTalking about it, he stated that thanks to blockchain technology, investment opportunities can come from different investors.

As Aksu mentioned, the films that come out with a capital and cost have the potential to reach more audiences thanks to crypto and blockchain technology. Apart from accreditation, membership, registration, identity requirements, crypto can provide great convenience to filmmakers in terms of investment.

Aksu, also said:

“The most important aspect of crypto/blockchain integrations in the movie industry will be to open up a new class of assets to investors of all kinds through increased fan engagement through compatible security tokens and NFTs.”

before too filmioa blockchain platform named Sundance Film Festival in 2019 what he attended. Moreover Liquid Media Group, last year Announcing the first blockchain movie stream at the Sundance Film Festival . in 2022 Russell Crowe, to partially fund Prizefighter He preferred to use NFTs.