BlockFi Financial Data Leaked: Billions of Dollars!

Bankrupt crypto lender BlockFi has lost more than $1 billion in the FTX and Alameda process, according to financial data it accidentally uploaded.

Bankrupt crypto loan company BlockFi, in the process of FTX and Alameda, according to the financial data he accidentally uploaded. It lost more than $1 billion.

Sharing financial data BlockFi , has fallen into the agenda because of a simple state that he accidentally shared. The company released financial data without any corrections. This situation, which was immediately corrected, also brought up question marks. BlockFi, FTX, and Alameda linked, according to leaked financial data It has $1.2 billion in assets.

BlockFi Is In Trouble With $1.2 Billion According To Its Financial Data

Bankrupt crypto startup BlockFi continues to have troubled days with the bankruptcy process. BlockFi, which went bankrupt with the FTX collapse, filed for Chapter 11.

Balance shown in BlockFi filing, FTXaffiliated with assets of 415 million dollarsand Alamedagiven to $831 million includes existence. These amounts FTXWith the collapse of .

The company’s lawyers previously FTX He stated that his assets exposed to . In the case of leaked financial data, the situation Appeared to be 1.2 billion dollars . The reason for this was the rise of the cryptocurrency market and the assets being crypto.