Bloomberg HT Consumer Confidence Preliminary Index drops in January

Bloomberg HT Consumer Belief Index decreased by 1.20 percent in January compared to the last index of the previous month and took the value of 71.52.

The Bloomberg HT Consumer Confidence Preliminary Index fell to 71.52 in January.

Looking at the details of the index, the decrease in Consumer Belief stemmed from the expectations for the future. The perception of the current situation, on the other hand, has recovered one more measure.

While wage increases, EYT regulation and the course of the foreign exchange market had a positive impact, the approaching election period and the losses in the stock market had a negative impact. In this context, the Bloomberg HT Consumer Expectation Preliminary Index decreased by 9.06 percent compared to the previous month and became 74.61.

On the other hand, the Bloomberg HT Consumption Tendency Preliminary Index, which tries to measure the suitability of the current period for the purchase of strong consumer goods, cars and housing, increased by 2.17 percent to cost 60.34. The information shows that domestic demand’s reinforcement to growth has started to increase.