Boğaziçi Ventures Invested in Web3 Project DOJO Talent

Turkey-based venture capital firm Boğaziçi Ventures has invested in DOJO Talent, which focuses on the Web3 and gaming industry.

Turkeybased venture capital firm Bosphorus ventures, Web3and to the gaming industry DOJO talentHe invested in .

The number of projects in which venture capital companies invest is increasing. TurkeyThis situation, which has become widespread in Turkey, enables projects with high potential to come to the fore. Turkey‘s innovative venture capital firm Bosphorus ventures, Web3providing instant access to talent and building community by supporting talent development for the gaming industry DOJO talentHe attracted attention by investing in .

Boğaziçi Ventures Stands Out with DOJO Talent Investment

innovativeby investing in technology products and services Turkeysupporting the startup ecosystem in Bosphorus venturescame to the fore with a new investment. Bosphorus ventures, fast growing Web3, the game, blockchain focused on technologies. In this context Bosphorus ventures, artificial intelligencebased next-generation talent platform DOJO talentHe invested in .

DOJO talentserves as a platform that provides opportunities for talent development and bridge building between talents and institutions. DOJO talent With this, companies can easily access talents with expertise in fields such as game developer and game designer, and innovative sectors such as blockchain developer. In the next process, he finds the opportunity to cooperate with flexible and company or project-specific working conditions.

Aiming to expand globally in the Turkish ecosystem DOJO talentplatform aims to bring together talents from all over the world who are interested in this field.

Providing convenience to individuals and institutions DOJO talentfounder of Alp Sezginsoy, “DOJO is a technology-based talent platform. With our machine-learning algorithmic infrastructure, we ensure that people are matched with projects that suit their expertise and competencies. Our DOJO platform, which offers a talent marketplace where the most suitable matches are provided, includes multi-layered digital solutions beyond talent-project matching, from process management to payments.”said.

DOJO talentfounder of Alp Sezginsoy

Founder of DOJO Talent Sezginsoy, also said:

Firms in our ecosystem quickly and practically find the opportunity to work with talent on an hourly, part-time or full-time basis. In addition to all this, at DOJO we create a space where talents have the opportunity to develop their independent and flexible careers in the best way possible. We started with an international notion that we included the ecosystem as a community. We are very excited to meet on this journey with Boğaziçi Ventures and UGC90 with their experience in this field. We will open a new page for companies to access talent and build their own careers.

Bosphorus venturesboard member Peace Ozistek stated that the fast-growing game industry has adapted to new technologies very quickly. Özistek stated that this situation brought new requirements in the workforce structure.

Bosphorus venturesboard member Peace Ozistek

Referring to their investment Ozistek, said:

DOJO Talent is building an important infrastructure for the development of talents and access to talent in the rapidly developing, changing and future-defining game and Web3 world in this field. In addition to its talent-oriented services, its platforms that solve the different needs of institutions, from payment processes, in the fastest and most efficient way, offer the management approach of the future from today. DOJO Talent’s initiative in the field of human resources technologies will grow very quickly with its community-oriented growth strategy, and more importantly, it will create added value by solving a very important problem. As Boğaziçi Ventures, we are very happy to be a companion to DOJO Talent in the field of human resources and educational technologies, one of the investment verticals we care about.

Bosphorus ventures, TurkeyAiming to expand globally in the ecosystem DOJO talent It has highlighted its mission by investing in . venture capital firm, the gameand Web3continues to expand its portfolio with a new investment that will support its human resources and potential workforce after its investments.

DOJO Talent‘s partner UGC90 CEO‘this Burak GunsevHe also shared his views. Gunsev, said:

Based on my experience so far, on the way we set out to contribute to the development of the Web3 game ecosystem with the UGC90, I can easily say that this ecosystem will continue to grow very rapidly and that the most important challenge to be faced on this path will be competent human resources. With this awareness, we decided to invest in HRTech in addition to the metaverse game vertical in order to create added value for the ecosystem, and we made our first partnership with DOJO Talent. DOJO Talent’s distinctive and innovative approach to finding and bringing together new talents and bringing them together with projects that match their competencies will make a significant contribution to the growth of the Web3 ecosystem. With our team with Web3 experience, we will be supporting DOJO Talent both technologically and strategically with a focus on business development.