Bonk Releases NFT Collection on Magic Eden

Solana (SOL)-based popular cryptocurrency Bonk will launch a 15,000-piece NFT collection on NFT marketplace Magic Eden.

solan ( LEFT) based popular cryptocurrency bonk, NFTmarket place Magic Edenon 15 thousandpiecemeal NFTwill release the collection.

One of the most talked about cryptocurrencies of recent times wither it happened. Solana brought the question to mind after the strong fall she experienced. LEFTprice 8 dollars attracted attention by falling to levels. all this FUD Within their environment, a frenzy began in the Solana ecosystem. The meme token, which appeared on the Solana network under the name Bonk, quickly gained popularity. Finally bonk, magic Edenon 15,000piecemeal NFTannounced the release of the collection.

Bonk Joins NFT Fury with Magic Eden

solan ( LEFT) based cryptocurrency bonk, all withermanaged to attract the attention of the community. shibaproject compared with NFTmade a move to the side.

Bonk, Solana-based NFTmarket place magic Eden announced that it will present a collection on It NFT ‘s aim to further increase Bonk’s strength in the Solana ecosystem. Moreover witherbased Gods NFTOwners of Bonk NFTwill take part in the first mint process.

A representative from the project, NFT He stated that Bonk tokens collected from printing fees will be burned permanently. This may also bring about a drop in supply in the token.