Bulgarian Parliament Mixed: Starring Nexo

The investigation against crypto credit institution Nexo has caused serious tension in the Bulgarian Parliament.

crypto credit institution NexoThe investigation against . has caused serious tension in the Bulgarian Parliament.

Nexo was raided and investigated recently after reports from the US that the cryptocurrency trading company was involved in tax fraud and violations of sanctions against Russia. New allegations came to the fore for the company under investigation. Of the five employees of the crypto credit institution “ Democratic Bulgaria He reportedly donated 100,000 leva to his party. Debate broke out over whether there was a connection between Nexo and lawmakers.

Conflicts Increase in Nexo Investigation

With the violation investigation against Nexo, things got mixed up in the Bulgarian Parliament. It turned out that five employees from Nexo donated 100,000 lev, 20,000 leva each, to “Democratic Bulgaria” and these were declared to the Court of Accounts. At the same time, people from the company were allegedly connected with lawmakers.

Politician Slavi Trifonov, Co-Chair of the We Continue the Change party Assen VassilevHe increased the backlash by saying that Nexo is close to the executives and goes to their offices every day to consult with them.

Trifonov is also another deputy of the We Continue the Change party. Nastimir Ananiev He said it has partner-related companies with the crypto lender under investigation. Ananiev, on the other hand, denied that he is now a partner of the firm and that he financed the party.

It will become clear in the coming days whether other political figures will be involved in the scandal related to the Nexo investigation.