Businesses and employees prefer to use phones instead of computers for their work

A new study says many companies tend to forgo physical offices. What’s even more different is that portable computers are starting to give way to smartphones.

Many employers and employees view connectivity as invaluable to a successful work organization and prefer to use a smartphone rather than a business laptop to make work more flexible, according to new BT research.

The results show that 59% of those who run a business in the UK choose their smartphone as the “best tech gadget”, and that it is more recognizable than traditional computing devices, including laptops.

According to BT, entrepreneurs in the UK 41% now run their business entirely online and does not require a face-to-face process. It therefore offers a great deal of flexibility. Almost three-quarters of respondents (73%) say they absolutely need secure broadband and portable connectivity to get their work done as high-speed 5G and gigabit contacts become commonplace in the UK and elsewhere.

BT states that employees are willing to break away from the classic 9-5 routine and adapt their routines to other aspects of their lives to spend more quality time with their families. Being able to work anywhere remains a recognized intent, so using a business smartphone is the top choice for ultimate portability.

The report also points out that there has been a 16% year-over-year increase in the use of portable information among IT commercial customers over the past three years, with the highest level of data processed on the network in recent times.