Cardano Developer IOG Partners With World Mobile

Cardano (ADA) developer IOG will ensure interoperability of Cardano and Cosmos networks in partnership with World Mobile.

Cardano ( ISLAND) developer IOG, World Mobilein partnership with cardanoand cosmosensure interoperability of networks.

Cardano developer IOG works hard for the development of the ecosystem and the project. Finally, the team Cardano and Cosmosformed a partnership to ensure the interoperability of their networks. World Mobile Collaborating with the team, the team received the appreciation of its followers. As a result of this partnership World Mobile, cosmos‘s Tendermint network as a Cardano subnet.

IOG Focused on Cardano and Cosmos Collaboration

Cardano ( ISLAND) developer IOGpopular team World Mobile formed a partnership with Announcing this partnership and talking about what it will do World Mobile provided the details in its blog post.

In World Mobile’s blog post, Cosmos’ Software Developer Kit ( SDK) to the Cardano mainnet, and cardanowith cosmosto create interoperability between their networks.

This interoperability cosmos It will be realized with the integration of Tendermint, a subsidiary network of . Also, the team World Mobilestated that its side-network will use Cardano as a settlement layer and ensure that it conforms to telecommunications industry standards.