Causes of sexual problems

Sexuality, experiencing sexuality; Although it is a natural process such as eating, sleeping, having fun, etc., we may experience sexual dysfunctions for many reasons. Every woman or man experiences a sexual problem at some point in his life. In order for a sexual problem to occur, it is important that the couple has experienced this problem for a minimum of three months or more. These sexual problems are sometimes caused by organic reasons, and sometimes they can be experienced due to psychological reasons. In order to understand whether sexual problems are organic or psychological, first of all, a gynecologist or urologist should be checked. If the sexual problem is not of organic origin, starting to work with a sexual therapist ends with positive results in terms of the sexual and social lives of the couples.

Causes of sexual dysfunctions
*The society in which the individual grew up, family pressure and wrong upbringing, socio-economic status,
*Incorrect and incomplete information about sexuality, myths, beliefs,
*Lack of sexual experience
* Not knowing how to make love, foreplay; not having experienced sexuality before,
*Extreme religious issues,
* Women or men do not like their own body,
* Dislike, dislike, desire for your partner,
*Lack of self-confidence, too much hesitation,
* The mother is weak, the father is excessively authoritarian and oppressive,
*Sexual abuse, incest relationship, traumas experienced at a young age or later,
* Incompatibility of spouses, cheating of one of the partners during the relationship,
*Performance anxiety, feeling of inadequacy, overexcitement,
* Not trusting the partner,
*Disgust of the genitals, fears of getting pregnant and the hymen.
*Exaggerated first night stories, the importance of the concept of virginity,

However, sexual problems may occur due to organic reasons. Cardiovascular
drugs used for diseases, hypertension, lung/liver disorders; long
Long-term use of antidepressants and alcohol/substance also contributes to sexual dysfunctions.
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