CFTC Chairman Gives Forward-Looking Signals

CFTC Chairman Rostin Behnam gave the message that they will try to regulate non-secure cryptocurrencies.

Chairman of the CFTC Rostin Behnamnon-secure cryptocurrencies He gave the message that they will try to organize it.

The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies also creates a growing need for regulation. Especially the FTX and Terra events that took place last year made the issue of regulation the focus of the new year. In the case of countries and regulators working hard, no clarity has yet been reached. Chairman of the CFTC Rostin Behnamwith full authorization from Congress. wants to focus on crypto regulations.

CFTC Chairman Speaks About Crypto Regulations

Chairman of the CFTC Rostin Behnamstated that they will continue to work on crypto regulation.

Behnam, Recently Organized by the American Bar Association gave a speech at an event. In his speech, Congress CFTC He argued that it should give regulatory authority to cryptocurrencies. Justifying this request Behnampointed to the recent bankruptcies and crashes in the crypto industry.

According to Behnam , the commission was well positioned to tap into potential regulatory loopholes. However, the situation is necessary to take the necessary decisions and to implement the legislation. deferred to US lawmakers.

Addressing the issue of editing Behnam, said:

“Regulation is necessary to protect customers and prevent unforeseen failures in local and global financial markets within any borders. Regardless of whether one or more crises occur in 2023 or 2033, we must act. There is now a new Congress and I will continue to provide technical support for draft legislation as requested.”