Circuit breaker was applied after the declines in the stock market

After experiencing losses of up to 5 percent in the BIST 100 Index, a circuit breaker was applied. The index sees a process around 4727 points after the losses it experienced.

After the losses reached 5 percent in the fluctuating day, a circuit breaker was applied to the BIST 100 Index. In the statement, it was stated that as of 17.14.58, the index-linked circuit breaker was triggered and all processes in the Equity Market, contracts based on Shares and Stock Indices in the Futures and Options Market, and the Stock Repo Market in the Debt Securities Market (BAP) were stopped indefinitely.

In the statement, it was stated that the processes will be started again at 18.01 in the Equity Market with the closing session at 18.01, and in the contracts based on VIOP Share and Share Indices, it will always be started again through the process at 18.08.

BIST 100 Index decreased to 4727 points after losing up to 5 percent during the day when it saw the highest 5014 points.