“Climate Change and Power Studies Center” was opened in Bolu

The Climate Change and Power Studies Center (İDEÇ) established in the Bolu Technology Development Zone (Technocrat) was inaugurated with a ceremony.

A Climate Change and Power Studies Center was established in Bolu Teknokent, operating in the Beşkavaklar Campus of Bolu Abant İzzet Baysal University.

International Affairs Section Dr. The opening of the center, which was established under the leadership of Faculty Member İlhan Sağsen, was held with a ceremony.

Speaking at the ceremony, Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Aydın Him said that dealing with climate change and power issues with a multi-disciplinary approach will make a greater contribution to the analysis of the problem.

Noting that climate change is now being felt very clearly, Him said, “Last year at this time, there was almost 1 meter of snow in Bolu, but we do not see it this year. We do not know what will happen to us in the coming years. There are meteorological events that we cannot assume.” he said.

Him, stating that the countries of the world and Turkey have been working very hard on climate change and global warming, said:

“In order to reduce global warming, all countries come together and try to prevent it in some way with contracts with different agreements. Our country is also a part of this. Therefore, the fact that our faculty members in our university also focus on this issue and establish a center in Technopolis makes us happy.”

İlhan Sağsen stated that he worked at the Middle East Technical University for 12-13 years on climate change and power bets.

Mentioning that he wants to do something about power and climate change in particular, Sağsen said, “Our main wish is to make publications that will support Turkey’s climate policies, starting from Bolu, throughout the country and internationally. Our center aims to both support students and provide social contribution and benefit in this regard. was established.” used the term.

Sağsen emphasized that they aim to be a pillar of Turkey’s foreign policy with their work, and said:

“Our main aim is to work especially on climate change, power, the Eastern Mediterranean and the law of the sea. Betting is an interdisciplinary bet. It does not have a single dimension. It has a very heavy structure from economics to environment, from engineering to education. , conferences, internship programs. Then, when we get a little further, it is one of our goals to provide job opportunities for our students.”